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A Heart Of Gratitude

We are so thankful that Rosenie has been given a clean (cancer free) bill of health from the doctor in Cuba! Isn't God good? We so appreciate everyone who gave financially to get that treatment for her - especially Bob Heier Ministries, who bore much of the burden themselves.

Holger and Sigrun started up culinary classes this week! The students are really exciting to be in their class. Classes officially started on Thursday. They're learning to make plain white uniformly shaped/sized buns.

Pastor Lex has been working on making blocks and updating the pharmacy, as well as adding shutters to the upstairs windows of the classrooms above the clinic. They are looking quite nice!

We are all praying in anticipation of another great Christian Leadership Academy at the beginning of the new year. Thank you for joining your faith with ours!

We're so grateful for the Have you seen our Sunday morning Worship Services LIVE on Facebook? Be sure to check them out! And please consider helping us to create a weatherproof Gathering Place for the services to take place in. See the details in last weeks post here.

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving from all of us. We are Thankful for each person the Lord has brought alongside to join us in sharing HIS love with the people of Haiti. Thank you for your prayers, financial support, and words of encouragement!

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