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Under the Choukoun

This week I posted this picture on the MOHI Facebook page and asked people to share some of their memories from under the "choukoun."

The responses varied from enjoying the cool breezes while sleeping under it to times of prayer and worship to sewing for the students and eating mangoes. Most people visiting MOHI in Haiti work really hard throughout the day. It's such a blessing for them to begin and end their days here. The memories made under the "choukoun" are lasting and often bring peace in the moment of remembering.

Do you have a significant memory from under the "choukoun"? Please take a moment to share it with me here. Thank you!


Danielson was born with a twisted foot. It just so happens his mom brought him into the clinic while the last team was working at the Thozin campus. Patsy Fish, a physical therapist, was there when Danielson came in and was able to share of her experience and work together with the doctor to begin a corrective casting process for Danielson. This picture is from his visit this week - his third session with us.

The Gathering Place

We so appreciate people continuing to donate for the Gathering Place. Thank you! This week we received another $1,000, bringing the total amount of donations received so far to $18,957.23. Just $1,042.77 left to attain our original goal of $20,000. Would you help us raise the rest this week? 11 people giving $100 each or 21 people giving $50 each would make it happen. Please do what you can.

Women's Conference

The married women of Mission of Hope International will be working together to host their bi-annual Women's Conference April 19-22. They are so excited to have Rita Periera (Evangelical Church of Fall River, MA) return as the keynote speaker. I use that term "speaker" very loosely, as she is 100% powerful PREACHER! Whenever she has the microphone people are encouraged and decisions are made to follow Jesus more fully. We are excited to see how the Lord will move during these services. Please join us in praying for chains of bondage to be broken and for people to be set free during these services. Thank you.

We can do this - together!

Thank you so much for being a part of Mission of Hope International. What I cannot do on my own, what you cannot do on your own ... God enables us to do it together.

P.S. Poko...

For those of you who are wondering... Poko is Haitian Creole for "Not Yet"... We're past the due date for our grand baby's arrival. Prayers for a wonderful arrival at just the right time would agree with my own prayers. Anyone joining me - thank you!!!

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