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Sa'k Pase?

That's a Haitian Creole phrase that means, "What's Up". Let me share with you a little about sa'k pase...

The Little Man

Lex arrived back in Haiti yesterday. I thought you might like to see who's been taking up so much of our attention over the past few months (even though he's only 3 weeks old). Here's our sweet little man, Alante:

He was such a big boy that, after over 24 hours of hard labor, he needed to be delivered by c-section. And may I just mention here that I thank the Good Lord for c-sections? (Many of us wouldn't be here without them!) Alexis is recovering very well, mothering well, and looking more like her amazing self! During these three weeks, our son-in-love, Alain, has become a wonderful dad to Alante, and loving, caring husband to Alexis. Lex and I are both awed by how the Lord has blessed their union!

Teamwork in Haiti

During this time, Jephte has been the man in charge in Haiti. He has been managing everything from staff to visitors, from finances to logistics. He and Lex would communicate daily and, just as Lex does, Jephte relied heavily on our mission department heads (Pastor Edon, Pastor Hakine, Marie Ange, Gardith, and Edna) to ensure operations continued uninterrupted.

Holger and Sigrun have done a tremendous job with the culinary students, teaching them hands on skills, theory, and business skills, as well as discipling them day by day to be more like the Master. This week they have put their skills to work in preparing a day of reflective celebration, as well as cooking for the guests who are attending their graduation ceremony today. We are so proud of these students and their tenacity to learn and do better and better.

We are also very proud of Holger and Sigrun. We've watched them navigate through many obstacles and cultural diverseness (which can be so very difficult to manage). They have remained solid reflections of the nature of Jesus to these students and really everyone they interact with. As their current term of service comes to a close, we, our staff and students, are all so grateful for their generosity, faithfulness, hard work, and determination. And, of course, we hope to see them back in Haiti soon!

Pastor Lex in Haiti

Although Pastor Lex has only been back in Haiti for a little over 24 hours, he has already accomplished much. His first order of business was to get the Ford F150 chassis welded. The roads in Haiti are really tough on vehicles and if you don't stay on top of repairs and maintenance, it's likely you'll no longer have a vehicle after a short time.

Lex has had so many meeting and the meetings will continue for many days to come. This morning, he was blessed to be in MOHI's church gathering in Thozin. He shared a message about letting the Lord have His way in us - letting Him change us to become a useful vessel to honor Him. He referred many times to one of His favorite men in the Bible: the religious zealot Saul, who was hunting Christians (supposedly in the name of God). Saul had a spectacular meeting with Jesus and was transformed into the Apostle Paul. That same Jesus wants to transform me and you!

I always want to remind you of how much your friendship, prayer and financial support mean to Lex and I, and all of us at MOHI. We could never do this work apart from our friends and partners. Thank you!!!

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