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Bonne Faite Maman!

Happy Mother's Day today to all our Mom friends in Haiti! We so appreciate all you do, not only for your children, but for Haitian society as a whole. We love you and honor you today for your hard work and sacrifice. We pray you will see, hear, and follow the Lord's guidance in raising your children and the generations to come.

The kids in Sunday school this morning received a basket of candy to give to their moms.

We have holes to dig, roads to repair, and land to level. This backhoe will make all the difference! Please donate toward the $10,000 needed to make it ours!

[Our "big machines" expert, Todd Buckley (pictured above with Lex), has verified that this machine is in good condition and well worth the price.]

It's been so wonderful to watch the culinary program continue on with Silene, Beatrice, and Ermana training the students. These three are mirroring the principles they witnessed in and learned from Holger & Sigrun. They always leave the kitchen, dishes, and equipment nice and clean - even after everything's been covered with flour!

Exam time is fast approaching, along with the end of another school year. Would you join us in continuing to pray for our students? Just like their counterparts in the US, our students often feel a great deal of pressure to do well. They want to make their parents, aunts, and uncles proud. They want to feel like they can hold their heads up high when they are in the presence of other well spoken and educated people. And they want to show their gratitude to God for providing an education for them. We ask the Lord to give them eyes to see, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and the mind of Christ!

We've got corn growing on part of the Thozin campus. Development happens step by step, so why not take advantage of the empty land to produce some food?!!!

Thank you so much for reading. We love that you want to be informed about the happenings at MOHI in Haiti. The best is yet to come!

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