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The Next Step

Lex and I are really excited about the upcoming school year and some new systems and programs that we will be implementing.

When MOHI began in March 2000, we signed up 362 children to attend our new, upcoming school. We rented a piece of land and built a big thatch building. That Fall, when the school opened, we had a very rainy season and only a tarp covering the building. The mud that would stick to our shoes was so heavy it was hard to even walk. Our teachers were troopers, but looking back we really feel bad that they had to work in such a difficult environment.

The families that sent their kids to our school were mostly the poorest of the poor. They bore such heavy burdens. Many had very large families and struggled to even put food on the table, never mind paying to send their children to school. MOHI brought them the opportunity to send their children to school, even when food was scarce. At least that's what they saw. (In reality, MOHI brought education, New Birth, meals, discipleship, healthcare, music, sports, vocational training, jobs, and HOPE!)

Society was not kind to these families. Most were already looked down upon, because they were very poor. They couldn't afford to school their children so they were considered irresponsible, bad parents. Now, they finally found the chance to send their kids to school. However, they were sending them to "that school in the thatch building in the mud. That's no school!" And they were harassed even more.

Today there's a different story. These families now hold their heads up high. This generation of MOHI students are now our graduates who are making a way in this world. Over 70% of them furthered their education after graduation (as opposed to only 1% nationally). Most are now fully employed and many have families of their own that they are successfully providing for.

MOHI, our reputation and influence, has facilitated new jobs in the community - about 400 of them! Many of those poorest of the poor I referred to earlier, are now a part of the small middle class in Haiti. Thanks be to God!!!

Now what? Is it time to look at our history and pat ourselves on our backs? NO!!! It's time to take the next step!

Here's the next step. This year those attending the MOHI school in Thozin will have tuition to pay. The tuition will still be less than half of what other comparable schools would charge, so it'll still being subsidized by MOHI donors, but we are so excited about what this means. It means there are now more people capable of paying for their children to go to school. It means progress! It means that 18 years of investing in Grand-Goave is bearing fruit that can be seen. Thank you, Jesus!

As most of you know, we are very sensitive to the needs of the people. There ARE still plenty of people who have not been touched by MOHI. There are still plenty who truly do not have the means to pay tuition. For this reason, we will be rolling out a new scholarship program which will provide full or half scholarships for students, depending on the financial capacity of the family.

Please watch for more detailed information about this program and how you can impact a child's future by providing a scholarship.

I can only imagine the self esteem and sense of pride parents will feel to know they are paying for their children's education. And the seriousness of their education will take another step up, as they are invested that much more. I'd really appreciate some extra prayer support as we implement this new program and some new systems in the school. Would you pray for godly wisdom and understanding for everyone involved? I so appreciate it. Thank you.

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