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Grateful Hearts

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! I am grateful for each of you who have been a part of the ministry taking place at MOHI - through prayer, visiting Haiti, donating money and/or goods, volunteering your time, and spreading the news of the impact MOHI is making in Haiti. Thank you!!!

A lot of work has been happening at the mission in Haiti this week. Of course our students and staff were working hard all week. Our kitchen crew cooked and served close to 5000 meals for the week and we gave out supplemental peanut butter feedings, too.

Our thanks to the churches and individuals who participated in the peanut butter drive this year. Much of the peanut butter has already be put on a container to go to Haiti, thanks to our friends at World Wide Lighthouse Missions in Manchester, CT. We have been collecting the remaining peanut butter from churches and hope to finish up this coming week.

The construction crew has been working on closing off the former stair entrance to the classrooms above the medical clinic so we can eliminate that staircase.

They also cut a window into the wall of Marie Ange's office, so people can have access to her from outside of the school yard during school hours.

Boss Ti Blan was called in to make some repairs to the generator on the Thozin campus. This generator is our main source of electricity for the school, church, clinic, radio station, kitchen, and administrative offices.

Dr. Myriame has been keeping the dental clinic going, while Dr. Evens has been busy with the medical clinic. Here's Nurse Sarah with a little patient at the clinic:

Manno has worked with us for many years. He started out with the Thozin church close to the beginning and was one of our original cyber cafe employees, back in 2001. He's since finished his high school education at MOHI and went on to receive a degree in business administration. He works on our school administrative team and is loved by our students.

Our school administration has started a singing talent search in the school. Currently there are presentations being made in the classrooms, as each class chooses students to represent them in the inter-class competition.

I found myself in the hospital this week, having an emergency appendectomy. The surgery went well and I am on the mend from that. They did discover another situation and I will be following up with that in the next couple of weeks. If you feel led to pray for me, please do. I am so grateful for the prayers of the saints on my behalf. Thank you.

Lex, our family, and our leadership team at MOHI in Haiti wish you and yours a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving this week. May you enjoy family and friends, laughter and food. Mostly I wish you Jesus!

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