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What's Cooking?

Do you know what's cooking at MOHI? Jessica is making sweet buns.

Mackenlove and Slande are making cookies.

Mirlande and Sophanie are making muffins.

Nahomie and Saviola are making plain buns.

Yes, our culinary students are really cooking - or baking, as the case may be.

Congratulations to Davidson (MOHI High School graduate) and Baby (staff nurse) on the birth of their first child, Daveshaïnah. I love seeing both of them in her sweet face.

In my native New England, the Christmas season is announced by the celebration of Thanksgiving, setting up the Christmas tree, hanging up the decorations, and...well, shopping. At MOHI in Haiti, it just makes sense to begin our favorite holiday season with our favorite past time - soccer! MOHI has organized a community wide soccer tournament (Christmas Championship), with many village teams (see two of them below, FC Thozin and FC Social [Route St. Francois]) registered to join in the fun. We strongly believe that we are blessed to be a blessing and it thrills us to be able to utilize the new soccer field to reach out to our community!

There were country-wide protests held this past week in Haiti - most of which were in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The main issue is the disappearance of millions of dollars from the Petro Caribe fund - allegedly mismanaged by previous governments. Unfortunately, people (esp. politicians) take advantage of the anger of the population to obtain other objectives, as well, and the waters of communication become muddied.

Unfortunately, opposing political forces pressured (verbally) parents to keep their children home from school, so we had no students in school this week. This is the first time since the earthquake of 2010 that we have seen students not come to regular school days for a full week. We are expecting they will be back to school this week, but do appreciate your prayers for the people and government of Haiti. Thank you.

Saturday was a regular open market day in Grand-Goave. Each time I go to the open market or see pictures of it, it's as if I travel back in time. As I see people carrying heavy loads on their heads, I imagine what life was like in the USA before cars and trucks.

And the loads that are tied to vehicles (in this case, a motorcycle) are quite impressive, too.

Remember to check out our Sunday morning service LIVE on Facebook! I love these worshipers!!!

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