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Together We Are Stronger

Hello Friends. I'm back in the saddle again. Hope has infused me over the past couple of months. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love I received from family and friends over these past 12 days. MANY prayers, meals, text messages, visits, and phone calls all came together to bring me so much hope and great encouragement. I'm managing some pain still and the doctor says it'll be a while before I can lift my beloved grandson, but I'm in a good place. Through it all, Pastor Lex has been a rock of support, an untiring nurse, and a loving companion. God has been so good to me on every front!

During my period of recovery, I have received much encouragement from my friends in Haiti, too. So many well wishes and heartfelt prayers were communicated. Though I'm thousands of miles away, I have felt their care for me.

And, of course, the work at MOHI has continued moving forward. Our students are in the midst of their second term exams. The talent search is in full swing. The baking class continues making the school yard smell glorious, too.

Maintenance often appears as a monster, involving many buildings, grounds, power generators, solar energy systems, water supplies, all sorts of equipment (sound, medical, radio, food prep...), trash... The list goes on and on. Our staff is staying on top of it!

There's always something new to add to the mix, as well. In an effort to isolate the school yard from the medical ministry, we are building new entrances and waiting areas for the medical and dental clinics on the opposite side of the building.

The medical clinic continues to serve our students and community. This week we held a medical outreach in an outlying village in Petit Goave.

Congratulations to Dieulene, who works in our medical clinic. She graduated from Nursing School today.

Our school director, Voltaire Sanon, lives near our St. Etienne church, but joined us in Thozin this morning. He preached an encouraging message about life being better when you're living in Jesus.

That's a giant bag of popcorn in the picture below. Each week children's workers purchase or make a snack to share with the children in Sunday School.

Thank you for making MOHI a part of your life and investing in the lives of others. Together we are stronger!

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