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A Leah Thing

Let's start out with some pictures from MOHI in Haiti. Christmas parties were abundant at MOHI this past week. Here's the setup for the children's ministry party at church...

The Christmas soccer tournament is still in full swing. It has attracted a lot of positive attention in the community.

Construction on the new entrance/waiting areas for the clinic area are progressing well.

I loved this picture Nurse Baby sent me of her, Davidson, and their new addition, Daveshaïnah. Such a beautiful family!

Saturday is market day in Grand-Goave...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The older I get the more I appreciate family. I suppose that's how it is for most of us. Yes?

While I've faced many challenges during this stay in the States, I have also experience more joy than ever. Spending time with Alante, the newest addition to our family, has been amazing. And even more than that (if possible?), has been the increasing closeness I've been experiencing with the Lord. There's nothing quite like having the assurance that He is with me in and through every dark valley, as well as on the mountain tops. He has been so, so good to me!

Our dear friend Leah, whom many of you know from her time serving with us in Haiti, often times has said to us, "I have to think about my feelings." This is usually in response to a question about upcoming changes or situations she's been through. We always laugh together, because it's just such a "Leah" thing.

Today, I am really relating to Leah, as Lex and I are preparing to return to Haiti for the month of January. I find myself really contemplating how I feel and why. I have so loved spending time with my children, grandson, nieces, nephews, cousins, and church family here in Massachusetts. Why am I not sad to be leaving? I'm feeling excited and eager to see my friends in Haiti again. I can hardly wait to go to church and see the students in school, chit chat with Dr. Myriame and Dr, Yvens, and welcome visitors from America. I want to see for myself the construction that has been going on and give my two cents. And I want to let our leadership team know how proud I am of them for not only holding down the fort, but for the positive, forward momentum continuing.

Sometimes things just don't make sense to my brain, but I do know that I am so grateful for the technological advances that enable me to stay connected in both of my worlds. Lex and I intend to have many video chats with Alante while we're in Haiti! I don't know that we could bear to miss out on these times.

As we move into a brand new year, I want more than anything to remain close to Jesus. I want to always need Him and always depend on Him. He is that Friend who is closer than a brother. He has never failed and never will. He is totally dependable and loves us completely. He doesn't get distracted by His busyness, for He is not limited by His humanity, but is fully God.

Won't you join me in 2019? Let's resolve to know HIM better!

Thank you so much for your support in every way over this past year! Lex and I look forward to 2019 together. Much love from our family to yours!

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