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Super Week Super Sunday

This week we cut the new doorway into the dental clinic at MOHI. (Yes, I'm very excited about this!)

We will need to move one of the chairs and add some shallow upper cabinets to the wall to make everything more accessible to our staff and the oral care professionals coming to work with us.

The culinary class continues to put out some yummy baked goods. The muffins are among the favorites.

What a blessing it is to see our students enjoying a hot meal each day at school! Our high school students seem to really enjoy mealtime for socializing, too.

Maintenance is such a huge responsibility at MOHI. We so appreciate those who support MOHI's general fund, enabling our staff to keep the facilities spic n' span!

The church in St. Etienne had several children dedicated to the Lord last Sunday. I love to see how the families go out to make their child "presentable."

Soccer at MOHI is just never ending!

Lex and I returned to Massachusetts on Tuesday. Wednesday our family was on our way to visit my new found relatives in New Hampshire and Maine. It was a wonderful, allbeit WHIRLWIND adventure. While it was bright and sunny here, in the mountains of New Hampshire we ran into some rather intense snow squalls. We persevered, while missing the lovely weather of Haiti the day before! There was definitely more snow up north than there was in Gardner, MA.

Our first stop was in Bath, NH, where we spent some time with my aunt (my mother's sister whom we lived with when I was born and who had named me), her daughter, and grandson. We all felt so comfortable with them and were so grateful for their hospitality. Isn't my aunt just adorable?!!!

We then drove for a LONG while through New Hampshire and into Maine to my brother Myron's home - which, by the way, was my mother's home while she was here on earth.

He and Missy put on a big spread for us and the others who came to visit. My niece, Sharon (in red below) and her two daughters make me not just an aunt, but a GREAT aunt. *smile*

I so enjoyed meeting my brothers Joe (the silliest) and Myron!

I can't tell you how many times I heard "She looks so much like Mom," and "She's a spittin' image of Mom!" What do you think??? →

It's really wild to me when I see people who look like me. I didn't really get that whole family resemblance thing until I married Lex. His family has such distinct features, it's not too hard to see they're all related. Now I'm seeing that with my own biological family. It's just really, really strange. LOL.

Joe and I might look alike under all that facial hair. Alante found it quite fascinating...

It was great looking through photo albums and listening to Joe's narration of their family life.

And so the saga continues. I'm excited to get to know each of my siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles. It's a whole new world opening up to me.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the Super Bowl game tonight. I hope you are taking advantage of the event to enjoy time with family and friends. One more time Pats!

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