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Heading to Normal

Pastor Lex and I are on the road, traveling to Charlotte today. We are excited to see many of our friends from Bless Back Worldwide whom we’ve gotten to know in Haiti. We are looking forward to visiting schools who have sent their students and staff to serve with us, too.

The political situation in Haiti remains tentative, but is calming down. In Grand-Goave and St. Etienne some sense of normalcy has been restored. This means that transportation is working again, people are able to purchase goods in the open markets, and our students actually started back to school on Tuesday. So many expressed their concerns to us and offered to pray for the country and for MOHI. I believe we’re beginning to see the results of those prayers. Don’t let up. Haiti still needs our prayers to be joined with theirs.

I love to see people come out for church when it's not easy. Again, today the church was full and people were blessed to join together with the Spirit of the Lord present in their midst.

Earlier in the week I was interviewed by Gary Lane at CBN. If you’re interested, you can see the interview here.

Dr. Yvens, who lives in Petit-Goave, was finally able to come to work again on Monday. What a relief for those who have fallen ill during this time of unrest and for those with chronic disease who depend on taking medicines regularly. Needless to say, our clinic staff had a busy week!

I shared with you last week about the need to replace our main generator. $1150 has already come in. We are grateful for all who have already donated. If you’d like to be a part of this answer to prayer, please visit our website and make a donation today. Thank you!

The response to Chel Finn’s G.O.A.T. challenge met with an overwhelming response. Her Facebook friends have committed to fund the purchase of 32 goats!!! Isn’t that amazing?!!! Thank you, friends!!!

Pastor Hakine visited New England this past summer. I love going to the zoo and I just insisted that he experience one before he returned to Haiti – and he did. York Animal Kingdom was a blast. He not only saw many animals for the first time ever, but he even got to ride on a camel!

One of the most wonderful memories from that day was of Pastor Hakine and our grandson in the goat pen feeding the goats. Alante was only a little over 4 months old at the time and he was laughing almost nonstop at the goats, as they jumped on Pastor Hakine looking for food.

So when Pastor Hakine asked for clarification about creating a space for the new goats, Pastor Lex simply replied, “You know – just like the one where you and Alante fed the goats.”

Thank you for continuing to keep Haiti in your prayers. We hope to head back soon. Blessings to you!!!

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