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Selfless Support

Students, staff, missionaries, and neighbors all benefit from access to medical and dental care at our clinics in Grand-Goave.

This week our staff took their services, equipment, and medicines up the mountain to our St. Etienne campus.

Students finished up their exams this week and are now enjoying their Spring Break.

The preschool classes were rewarded after their exams (yes, even the preschoolers take exams in Haiti!) with a fun day of Easter celebrations, including egg sandwiches, special presentations, and a video in the Gathering Place.

It's been such a joy to see the men in the church having a time of prayer and worship each week. They are determined to up their activities and will be assisting the pastoral staff with visiting church members and those in need to encourage, pray, offer assistance, and preach the Word.

Lex and I are so appreciative for all of you who continually hold up this mission in prayer and give (often sacrificially) of your means to bring the Light of the Gospel, education, and healthcare to the people of Haiti. How easy it is to go with the flow of this world, looking out for number one, but you, my friends, have stepped up and chosen to think of others. Thank you!

Remember to check out our Sunday morning service from Grand-Goave on Facebook LIVE at 8AM.

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