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Men of God

Happy Father's Day to all you dads! I hope you have enjoyed some time with family today and have been encouraged by the Lord to continue serving Him - reflecting HIS nature to your family and all those you come in contact with.

How exciting it was to watch MOHI's Facebook Live this morning and see the new decor in the Gathering Place! Angie Sutton had the idea to make these with yarn to spruce up the platform. What do you think? (I LOVE them!!!)

I've been sharing about the men in the church taking on more responsibilities and working together more. Well, this morning they sang a song for the church. Check out this video and notice how much the church appreciated them.

Between these sharp looking men and the new decor, I'm just wowed over here!

We are in the final days of the school year, as final exams are almost complete. Next, graduations will be taking place this week and then continued preparations for national exams. It's a very exciting time for our kindergarten students, as they prepare to graduate into first grade this week. It's an extra special time for our high school seniors, as they complete their secondary education and consider where they go from here. We are praying for them to have godly wisdom for their next steps.

What a difference the dental clinic is making in the lives of our school and community members: easing pain, providing oral care education and preventing future dental issues. Sometimes simple procedures can change a patient's perception of themselves and boost their confidence. We're so thrilled to have been able to provide a new look for this sweet boy:

The medical staff are working together as a team to continue providing the best education and treatment for the ill.

We are so grateful to our partners, Bless Back Worldwide, for providing the medicines we will need to treat patients for the next several months.

They also paid to ship the pill bottles, donated by team G3 friends, to Haiti.

Thank you to all our partners, friends, and supporters for your incredible generosity!!!

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