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Welcoming Summer

National exams for our students have been an ongoing subject of prayer among our churches. The 9th grade students took their exams this past week. (They are relieved to have that done with!) The seniors will be having their exams next month. The rest of our students packed away their books and are enjoying their summer break.

When the kids are in school they are fed daily, but for many the summer months bring hunger. Right now we are waiting for our shipment of food to clear customs so we can support the hungry through these summer months. We are grateful that we do still have a supply of peanut butter available to share with many who are facing difficulties with nutritional needs.

Peanut butter is a valuable commodity. When we give a jar of peanut butter to a child, we open it up and make sure they have some before they go home with it. This helps to ensure that the child benefits from its nutrition, rather than it being sold to meet some other need in the family.

We are so proud of the hard work our medical and dental staffs are performing. They truly care about the well-being of their neighbors and especially the children they serve.

What a joy to see so many at church in Thozin this morning for the official beginning of summer. We need each other in every every season!

About 30 men from the church in Thozin were treated to a special evening at the Fort Royal hotel in Petit-Goave (city next to Grand-Goave) Friday. They ate together and enjoyed fellowship with one another. Pastor Lex took the opportunity to encourage them. It's exciting to see that God is enlarging their vision for their marriages, their care for their families, for their church, and for their community.

We will be kicking off our 20th annual conference Thursday with guest speaker Rev. Wanleatha Baker. Would you keep this event in prayer? We are trusting God to set people free: spirit, soul, and body!

We are so grateful to each of you who lock arms with us, supporting the ministry in Haiti with your time, energy, prayers, and financial resources. What a great thing to see so many people working together to make a difference in so many lives.

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