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This is Happening

When it rains, it pours - literally. Like southern Florida, when we get a rain storm in Haiti, it's usually like the heavens just open up and dump out all the water at once. If it lasts for very long, inevitably it will cause serious flooding. This week our Thozin campus entrance was under water.

Friday night the church in Thozin had a "night watch" - a late night prayer meeting, comprised of times of music, worship, and prayer.

School's out for summer, but the learning never ends! Some of the older students have taken it upon themselves to teach the younger students how to operate our "One Laptop per Child" laptops. How wonderful is this??? When a teen chooses to help someone else instead of seeking their own pleasure - so wonderful!!!

The medical and dental ministries continue while school is out. Although many of the students go away to visit relatives in the mountains or the city, our neighbors are fully benefiting from these services.

The church in St. Etienne was hopping this week!

This morning in Thozin, the congregation was blessed to hear from Gama.

While in Massachusetts, we are blessed to spend time with our grandson. It can be very challenging juggling a mission and a toddler. Here's Pastor Lex managing things in Haiti on the phone, while feeding Alante his lunch. Wow!!! Such great talent!

Thank you for connecting with us today. There's always something good happening at MOHI. How blessed you and I are to be a part of impacting so many lives!!!

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