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Kaylah & Angie

Lex and I returned to Haiti this week and were joined by Angie Shepherd (who served in the medical clinic with us for over a year) and Dr. Kaylah Holland. It was so kind of Angie to accompany Kaylah to help move her in. She also shared many details from her own experiences with Kaylah, to help prepare her for the strange things she will encounter in this foreign land.

I know I’ve shared about our excitement to have Kaylah join us for this upcoming school year, but in case you missed it… Kaylah recently earned a PhD and will be living in Haiti full time, coordinating administratively in the school. She will be working individually with each of our teachers, as well as with the administrative staff. We’ve already had some wonderful “brain-storming” sessions with her and I’m over the top excited just imagining where these next steps can take the school, its teachers, and students. Just imagine the impact on our community here!

Angie and Kaylah were able to visit the open market so that Kaylah could see what kinds of fruits, vegetables, and other items are available locally.

They also Taino Beach, a very popular beach in our city.

Kaylah started teaching Christy how to swim.

And, of course, we were all happy to hear Angie’s Kreyol as she greeted the church in Thozin this morning.

I really enjoyed listening to my husband preach this morning! His message was about leaving the past behind – critical to moving forward in our lives, yes? Of course he did touch on many other subjects, not the least of which was the need to love one another rather than holding onto offenses. It was an inspiring message that motivated me to act on my faith toward those around me.

During the service, I was reminded of my experience birthing my first child. The baby came very prematurely and I hadn’t yet had any training or education in child birth. I was so grateful for my dear friend, my pastor’s wife (mother of 5) Jenny, who was present with me throughout the entire process. I remember afterwards she told me that she would have preferred to have been the one in labor than to watch me suffer and not be able to help me. I always thought that was a sweet thing for her to say, but at the time I didn’t really believe her. Don’t get me wrong. She was very trustworthy. I didn’t believe because I couldn’t imagine anyone wishing to go through what I’d just gone through.

This morning, as we sang, “There is power in the name of Jesus…to break every chain…” I was contemplating the challenges represented in the building as we were worshiping and the reality that in Christ all can be well in our souls. I was thinking about the others around me and praying for them, wanting to lift their burdens from them. I was thinking about how hard it is to watch people suffer and I remembered Jenny. Today, after all these years, I imagined that what she'd told me may very well have been true after all.

After the church service we went down to the missionary compound to baptize a very special young girl The Sutton family has been serving here in Grand-Goave for the past 8 years or so at the Hands and Feet Project. Their precious family of 3 has grown to a family of 6 during that time and we have been so blessed to be a part of their lives all this time.

Their second daughter, Glory, has been eagerly awaiting our return so that Pastor Lex could baptize her. She told him that she wants to tell everyone that she is a follower of Jesus.

Glory and Angie Shepherd were very close when Angie lived with us and it was extra special that she could be there, too.

It has been a wonderful few days being back in Haiti. I'm so grateful for our brothers and sisters in Haiti and the USA! Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Moving forward, please consider visiting and serving with us in Haiti next winter. Teams are forming now for the month of February. Drop me a line and let's get the ball rolling!

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