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A Very Difficult Season

Haiti is in a very difficult season. Inflation is out of control. Hunger is prevalent. Political jockeying is ungovernable. Protests and looting are plenteous. The government has a debt of about $150 million to fuel suppliers that it cannot pay, and fuel has often been impossible to find in the country over this past month. A gallon of gas that sold for about $2.50 in the pumps previously, was selling last week on the streets for upwards of $12 for a partial gallon. People are suffering and the consequences are harshly impacting the youth and children throughout the country.

(AP Photo)

Many schools have not been able to function yet this school year. We are so grateful that school at MOHI has been open and functioning each day, since September 2nd. We are grateful that the streets of Grand-Goave have remained relatively calm during this problematic moment. We are grateful to all of you who have been praying for peace for our communities.

How wonderful it is to see Dr. Kaylah Holland teaching in the classrooms this week. She has been teaching music, computers, business, and English. She's finding some very motivated and elated students in the classrooms.

We have some students and staff that have really stepped up to assist Kaylah in an effort to free her to share her gifts unhindered. Beatrice (staff) jumps in at a moment's notice to translate in the classroom for her and Sylene (student) is there for her on the home front and also to translate for her.

As I was listening to our worship service on Facebook Live today, I was amazed at how well Johnsley was translating for Pastor Edon. Johnsley is a student at MOHI, that many of you who have visited will remember. He has always had such a hunger to learn English, usually carrying around a pen and notebook and asking visitors for additional vocabulary. His grasp of medical and Bible terms is quite impressive. Johnsley has also started an English school that helps many students who are likewise driven. I love that his education is not only a blessing to him, but it also blessed the other students and the church. God multiplies the gifts He shares with us!

We held an outreach clinic this week with our medical and dental staff. Over 160 people turned out for it, where normally there might be about 50. This is another sign of the great suffering of the people in this time.

We were grateful to be able to also share some food with those who came out.

I find that caring for people physically is proof to them that God Himself cares. It seems to soften their hearts toward Him. The need is so great right now. We had very few teams visiting over the past year, because of waves of civil unrest in the country. This has impacted the availability of funds to pay staff who care for the teams. It has impacted the buzz about the mission, too. We are confident the Lord will continue to provide the means for us to keep helping people in great need, as well as to continue the many projects continuing to move forward at the mission. Please continue being a part - above and beyond what you would normally do, in order to help meet the excessive need right now. Thank you!

And, as always, please pray for the dear people of Haiti. Pray for peace. Pray for needs to be met. Pray that in all circumstances the Lord will be glorified and He will work all things together for good for each person He has called for His own purpose. Thank you!

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