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Desire Fulfilled

This week I was confronted with "hope deferred makes the heart sick". The US State Department raised their Haiti travel alert to the highest level, 4. This is the second time in all my years in Haiti that I've seen it raised to a 4. It's usually a very stable 3. Consequently, we found ourselves faced with a difficult decision. What about the teams coming scheduled this month?

Our friends from Bless Back were scheduled to arrive today, but with the US Government saying don't visit Haiti, they didn't. Likewise, I reached out to the folks scheduled to begin arriving on Saturday to assist with the women's conference and the 20 Years in Haiti Celebration to inform them their trip had to be canceled. Pretty well tore my heart out for so many reasons - most are friends whom I was eager to see, several would be speaking at the women's conference, all would be carrying in supplies needed for the celebration, and I was so looking forward to introducing my grand babies to our "other" life.

We briefly considered cancelling the conference and celebration. The majority of the supplies needed for the event were going to be brought in suitcases from America. What now? As real as the "heart sick" felt, we know that the second half of that verse is a reality as well - "A desire fulfilled is a tree of LIFE!" Our desire to touch our community with God's love and care through this celebration is real. We want to share HIS LIFE with those around us. Should we let disappointment destroy the whole dream? Naaaaaaaah!

So, the work continues (planting a utility pole for lighting!)...

the planning continues,

the hope continues!

Despite the emotional roller coaster ride, we really did have a great week. We were so blessed to have our friends Charlie & Rachel DeTellis from New Missions in Leogane come share with us at our worship service in Thozin this morning.

The seating area wall around the mango tree is complete!

Although the US State Department raised the travel warning level, things are going very well in the school. It's such a joy to see the students so eager to catch up on the time they missed. Our community remains calm and we are hopeful that school will remain open.

The students love the library - both the books and the toys they find in there!

Both the medical and dental clinics were busy this week. Life can be so hard at times. Government hospitals have been having trouble paying their staffs, which has greatly affected the quality of care the patients can receive there. Our enduring partnerships with Bless Back Worldwide and Mission USA are ensuring that people can find support for their health at these clinics.

We were able to arrange for another roof to be put on a house, thanks to our friends from Fellowship Church in Knoxville, TN.

We have lots of mango trees on the Missionary Compound. They are amazing to me. They are huge and contain so many mangoes - which are also quite a large fruit.

Throughout our neighborhood we often see people (young and old alike) throwing rocks at the mangoes in the tree, hoping for a snack - or meal, as is often the case. We don't allow rock throwing, however, in the Missionary Compound yard. If you watch the short video below, you'll see how we get them.

Lex and I are so grateful for each of you who support MOHI with your prayers and means. Thank you. As we prepare for our 20 Years in Haiti Celebration, we are asking for your help. This celebration is an outreach to our entire city. It'll take a lot more funds than we'd originally planned now that we don't have a team coming in to bring the supplies. Please consider a special gift to MOHI today to help make this event happen. God bless you!

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