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Preparations continue for MOHI's 20 Years in Haiti celebration coming up THIS Saturday. Benches were painted, dirt was moved, more dirt was moved, dirt was compacted, a work day was organized, supplies arrived (much gratitude to Chair City Church in Gardner, MA and All Saints Church in Belmont for their extreme generosity!!!), and meetings continued.

We're so grateful for donations of goods that come to us regularly from World Wide Lighthouse Missions (Manchester, CT). From school supplies, to clothing, to peanut butter - it all goes to good use! From time to time our teachers will let us know when a student appears to be in need. We were able to bless this little guy with some new clothes!

Our teachers and students continue working hard on reading and comprehension in the classrooms.

Our dental clinic staff has been seeing many patients this week. They also spent some time in the classrooms.

The medical clinic continues to serve the needs of hundreds of people each month. With financial crisis in government run hospitals and the high cost of going to see a private doctor, we're seeing more and more people turn to MOHI for their health care needs.

I know the Corona Virus is in the forefront of everyone's minds. At this point, there have been no confirmed and no suspected cases here in Haiti. This afternoon the Haitian government notified the public that they will be closing the borders with the Dominican Republic and restricting air travel from the Red Zone countries, as well as Latin America and Canada.

Although the mission cancelled our teams this month, we were happy to have family (present and future) arrive for a most welcomed visit. The church was so pleased to welcome AJay, his fiance Cherie, and Cherie's mom, Nicole "home" to Grand-Goave - where AJay grew up. It was also a joy to participate in the dedication service for Mr. & Mrs. Luc Sony's new baby.

We took the a short break this afternoon to spend some time together.

After our break, AJay and Lex brought food up to the main campus for the goats.

We had a full load on our way to church this morning, as we brought celebration supplies up with us. These girls chose to catch a ride on top of those supplies. There were lots of giggles and reactions to bumps in the road.

Dear friends, please know that we are joining you in prayer for the health and well being of us all during this time of crisis. Thankfully, God was not caught unaware and we can continue entrusting our very lives to His amazing will.

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