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Lex and I flew back to Massachusetts this week, after a very full time in Haiti. Here are some of the highlights from our trip...

  • We were blessed with beautiful funeral service for Lex's mom. So many turned out to support our family and honor Madame Thermeus.

  • We had the opportunity to introduce our grandchildren to the country of their heritage. Our friends in Haiti were so thrilled to meet them. It was also their dad's first time visiting MOHI and we enjoyed introducing him, as well.

  • Rather than going directly to their honeymoon, our newlyweds, AJay & Cherie, came to Haiti for grandma's funeral. So many expressed their joy and "approval" at AJay's choice for a wife.

  • Aside from all the funeral arrangements and seemingly nonstop phone calls, Lex was able to get a lot of maintenance caught up on - buildings, yards, vehicles, generators, solar array, equipment... the list goes on and on - and of course it's never ending as long as we're still here on earth.

  • Meetings, meetings, and more meetings - our staff (church leaders, mission administrators, teachers, medical and dental personnel, maintenance workers, grounds keepers...), contractors, community leaders...

  • We were able to prepare for and see the return of our 9th graders and high school seniors to the school.

  • We had opportunities to distribute food to our students and neighbors.

  • We held the first mobile clinic since the pandemic began in March. So many needs were ministered to - both medical and dental staff saw patients, needed medications were prescribed, prayers were offered, and everyone left with food to take home to their families.

  • We were there to support our community during Tropical Storm Laura. We are grateful for the safety of all in our communities, as well as the conservation of all mission assets in Grand-Goave and St. Etienne.

  • Although the storm postponed it on Sunday, Lex was able to baptize our fellow missionary, Megan, Monday evening. Megan works with the Hands and Feet Project, is an active part of our church in Thozin, and a good friend. It was a blessing to be a part of her outward declaration of new life in Christ!

Please continue to pray for our friends in Haiti, as out of control inflation has added to the burden of poverty and hunger.

I ask that you would also remain diligent in your prayer and financial support of the mission, helping to enable more physical care in the name of Christ.

We are praying, too, that opportunities would arise for many of you to return to minister with us in Haiti once again during this next school year. The missionary compound is empty without you!

I thought you might like to see our 11-month old grand daughter, Alexia's, new best friend in Haiti. Meet 13-year old, Rebecca. All it took for Rebecca to achieve such great stature was to share her food with Alexia. :)

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