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Beacon of Hope

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Meet Roseland, the dedicated assistant director of the Mission of Hope school in Thozin, and Mydialove, a passionate student in NS3 (Junior year of high school). Your support has transformed their lives and empowered them to chase their dreams. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and believing in the power of education.

Many parents have difficulty taking their children to the doctor. Seven-year-old Junie came to the clinic because she was experiencing acid reflux, dizziness, and weakness. Her mom was very concerned. Junie is in third grade at Mission of Hope International, giving her free clinic access. Oh what a joy it is to see Junie and her mom meeting with Dr. Evans, knowing that they are well cared for.

Junie's mom shares, “I want to say thank you to all the sponsors for supporting the school and the clinic. I pray that God will keep you all stay safe and healthy,” She is one of many who have voiced their gratitude.

The baby feeding program has 70 little ones participating. Each one has a mom who is thankful their child is receiving a regular meal and vitamins. Often times older siblings help care for the babies. They are happy, too.

Beginning to work in the Dominican Republic this past year has been like being thrown back in time. While frustrating at times, it's pretty terrific to start again with over two decades of experience under our belts. We are definitely in a season of processing everything through the filter of those years!

It's incredible to see how the work in the DR is a continuation of the LORD's workings at MOHI in Haiti. So much of what we see in Haiti is the result of the people the LORD has brought to us there, as well as the supporters HE has raised up from all over. This week HE brought us some new and old friends from Fellowship West (Knoxville, TN).

Angie, Julie, and Amy have been experiencing life here in the Dominican Republic while vision-building alongside us.

We are so grateful for this time together.

Thank you for continuing to hold us all up in prayer as we navigate through the unrest in Haiti and learn the rest of the story in the Dominican Republic. Lex and I are so grateful for each one of you.


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