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There have been many people throughout history who have been great examples to us of what it looks like to follow Christ. I hope you can look to the pastor of your home church and say, "I want to emanate that man/woman!" Maybe you have a family member that you can't help but wonder how they can have so many opportunities to "go carnal" and yet just always seem to take the high road. Really, there are MANY that we could look to as role models.

I recognize, within myself, that at different times I have felt proud of being associated with a particular person whom I admired as being more Christ-like than most. It's a slippery slope, however, When I place someone on a pedestal in my life it can affect how I consider others. I might even seek the glory of association and put others down for their choice of association.

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about Mission of Hope International is how the Lord has used so many people, from so many different walks of life, with so many unique cultural backgrounds, each with their own unique personality and perspective, to come together to accomplish something beautiful for someone else. Wow!!! The common thread in it all? Love. Love makes a way for differences to unify!

For over 21 years, people have set aside denominational boundaries and their resumes to come together to make a difference in the lives of our friends in Haiti. This mission is but a tapestry the Lord is weaving and we are the threads He uses to create such beauty. BEAUTY! Think of this as I share with you about our week in Haiti.

Our students in Port-au-Prince had a busy week at school.

They just finished up a week of exams.

Their favorite part of the week? I would venture to guess it was the rice and soy casserole for lunch! It takes a lot of work to prepare hot, nutritious food for all these students, but the rewards are life-giving.

This is Michael. He works hard at capturing special moments to share with all of you. One day this week he decided to be the one IN the picture. He's in a classroom enjoying a serving of rice with bean sauce from our school kitchen with the students. I can only imagine how loud that classroom got as the students were humored by his humility. Great job, Michael!

Pastor Lex and Michael continued giving out Christmas gifts to children this past week. Wow - what fun!!!

Ricardo is in second grade. He let us know that this was a much better week of school for him than last week was. Why? Because this week he got all his homework done and knew his lessons! Two of his favorite things in life are school and playing soccer.

Mr. Davidson is fairly new at MOHI, but we love him already. His family worked hard to send him to school. He studied computer science and has taken classes in the installation and repair of inverters. He directly assists Jephte, MOHI's country director, as well as the dentists. He tells us he's so grateful for the MOHI team and its supporters for setting up this mission and for the privilege of working with us. He prays that MOHI will always be alive and well for his community.

Weder lives about 30 minutes away in the city of Leogane. A neighbor told him about the dental clinic at MOHI. Based on her report, he decided he should make the trip to get the help he needed. He told us his neighbor was right. The staff provides good service and it wasn't expensive. He was so glad he came and wants to thank everyone who supported the vision for this clinic. He intends to come back with his wife.

The number of patients this week was much more manageable than it's been of late. Shall we take that as a sign that the dreaded "fever" is dying out? I certainly hope so!

Those of you who are familiar with MOHI know that we are all about education. Whether it's in the school, the clinic, the church, the radio station, or the construction site - there's always something to be taught and something to be understood. Nurse Cadèt gave an enthusiastic group teaching about how to avoid the "fever" (we don't ever admit we have COVID in Haiti!) and Pastor Lex spoke with patients one on one.

In Haiti, scabies is very common and also very uncomfortable. Dr. Evens has his "spy kit" for tracking them down so he can treat the condition!

We're still building homes for earthquake victims in the Camp Perrin area and letting people know we haven't forgotten them. Please consider being a part of bringing hope to those who are still suffering today.

The babies in the Ravine are growing! Thank you to all who are supporting this program!!! With all these vitamins and food, they will be physically ready for school when they turn 3 - their brains will be ready, too!

Did you see the beauty in these pictures and stories? Isn't wonderful to be a part of something so much greater than any one of us? Unity is a beautiful thing. Let's continue working together. Where I have an abundance, I can share with someone who's lacking. Where I'm lacking, you can share out of your abundance.


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