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I had all sorts of exciting news to share with you today - that was until Saturday arrived. Now, my mind is consumed with the pain and suffering that people in the south of Haiti are experiencing and remembering what it was like for me in a similar situation in 2010.

I was speaking with Pastor Lex at about 8:35 Saturday morning and he was telling me that he'd just experienced another earthquake. Soon afterward I learned there was no damage to any of our campuses and no injuries to any of our students or staff. I was relieved and turned to get back to work.

As more information began coming in, I learned that the real damage began about 35 miles south of our Grand-Goave campus and extended all the way to the tip of the southern peninsula. A friend in les Cayes had been injured. A hotel we'd held meetings in had pancaked. Dr Evens spent the day at a clinic in Mirogoane treating dozens and dozens of injuries. I saw one of his patients, an elderly woman with a long piece of rebar impaling her side. Memories of the horrors of January 2010 vividly returned to my mind.

Despite the images rolling around in my brain, despite my own weakness, God's strength sustained me throughout the day. I was encouraged by so many who reached out to let us know they were praying for Pastor Lex and the people of Haiti. Other organizations in Haiti who knew of our previous disaster relief efforts reached out to offer food for us to take to the south. Doctors from the US began reaching out to me. I was reminded of how wonderful it is to not be alone in this world.

Every day after a devastating earthquake can seem like an eternity. When the ground under your feet is no longer dependable, hope wains. When you expect help to arrive at any moment and it doesn't, darkness seems to close in. We lived this in January 2010. We know how important it is to respond as quickly as possible.

Saturday afternoon we gathered funds, purchased food, assembled a team, and got to work packaging food for distribution.

This morning, after a time of worshiping together, the team finished preparations and left with food, clothing, shoes, and our water filtration system to find and help those in need.

We are ever aware of the need for balance in every area of our lives and ministry. Disaster relief is part of what we do. We have churches full of people ready to step out and serve others in this time of need. It's an opportunity for them to experience Acts 20:35 for themselves.

We are working on putting together a medical team to arrive in Haiti later this week. Please be praying for our responses to be led by the Lord and for all the logistics to be in order.

While all this is going on, we are still looking forward to the start of a new school year next month. There are many details to prepare and many physical projects that we'd like to see completed now. I'm grateful for so many people who are willing and able to work together!

At the Christian Light School Port-au-Prince campus it looks like Spring cleaning is taking place...

And babies are being fed.

At the Thozin campus supplies are being organized...

Painting has begun....

And the clinics are serving our neighbors...

Dr. Evens was in Mirogoane all day yesterday, helping victims of the earthquake...

More than ever before, we need your support to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Haiti. Click on this link to support our earthquake emergency relief efforts or click here to support 2021-2022 school year preparations. Thank you!


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