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November 20, 2022

Have you ever noticed that when you delight in the Lord, He brings delight to your heart in other ways, too? I think you'll agree, seeing the children back in school is simply delightful.

It ended up that we took the lead, having opened our classrooms 2 weeks ago. It's a scary season in Haïti and I totally understand parents that decided to wait and see. Each day more and more students came to school. This past week's attendance was really good. Tomorrow other schools in the area will follow suit. Please continue praying for the safety of our students and staff, as well as for continued calm in our communities. Now, checkout Professor Mackenson. This video makes me wish I was in his class!

While the situation in Haïti remains desperate, I was so glad to hear that fuel has started to arrive at gas stations around the country. Of course, now there are fights breaking out at many stations because people are so desperate for fuel. I pray that the fuel deliveries become regular and the fighting will calm down.

Pastor Lex spent a couple of days in Luperòn, checking in with our contacts there and visiting our motorcycle accident victim, Saintalien. Saintalien has yet another test to do tomorrow. Please keep praying for him. I'm amazed at how long it is taking to get this surgery scheduled.

One of the big differences between Haïti and the Dominican Republic is the infrastructure is so much better in the DR. It's so nice to be able to see the ocean while driving on a nicely paved road in the city!

Lex then headed to Haïti. There are currently major gang wars going on on the southern side of Port-au-Prince, so our usual routes were not an option for him, After 22 years working in Haïti, we have become super flexible and creative. Lex tried a new route into Haïti that worked out very well. A portion of it can be seen in the following video.

I was praying for him to arrive after seeing that video. Here are the local "cargo ships."

Pastor Lex was happy to see how well the mission leadership is running the daily activities at the mission.

He met the newly hired staff.

And, of course, he especially enjoyed spending time with the students.

Food is super expensive. We so appreciate each person who gives of their finances to make food available for the students and the baby feeding program. Imagine what it would be like to listen to your child cry from hunger all day long and not find a way to give them something. Together we are easing this heavy burden for hundreds of parents. Thank you. If you are able, would you please make a special donation this week to help keep the students fed? Thank you!

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of the Covenant Day School in Charlotte, NC. In years past they have sent multiple teams into Haïti with us to work on projects - including an aquaponics system that still provides fish for feeding youngsters. Like most of us, they haven't been able to visit Haïti in quite a while, but they still look for ways to impact. This year the students collected jars of peanut butter and backpacks for our students. One thousand pounds of peanut butter and 100 backpacks, to be precise. Way to go CDS students!!! Thank you!

Lex and I are very eager to see the start of MOHI's Hope Encounters in Luperòn! We have 2 small teams scheduled in December, followed by ones in January, February, and March of 2023. For all of you who have been missing those trips to Haïti, this is the next best thing. Reach out to us for more information about organizing a Hope Encounter for your group (friends, family, church, business associates, and...)!

If you are in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, or Northern Connecticut area I'd like to invite you to come out for a Hope Encounter informational meeting. The trip will be taking place March 4 - 11, 2023, and is limited to 15 people. If you are super interested or just curious about these Hope Encounters, this is your opportunity to learn more and ask questions. These meetings will be held at 53 Lynde St in Gardner, Massachusetts. Lex and I hope to see you there!!!

People living in poverty are faced with unimaginable choices each day. Do I feed my children or take the sick baby to see the doctor? Do I eat or use that money to buy the medicine my child needs? Do I reach out to my father yet again for his help, knowing he will take the opportunity to humiliate me? Which child do I send to school and which ones do I keep home?

MOHI is helping to reduce these difficult choices with our schools, feeding programs, medical, and dental care. We don't just tell people what Jesus did for them all those years ago, but we show them that Jesus also cares about what they're going through today. And, by the way, MOHI is you and me and each person who chooses to get involved.

The Gospel in action is what makes our campuses shine. Right on the front line, shining the light is Pastor Bauvais. He is active in church, prays in people's homes throughout our community, and has devotional times (songs, prayer, and Bible teaching) with our patients and the caregivers in the Baby Feeding Program. God has blessed us greatly with this dear man of God!

A friend of Haïti, my good friend, and my beloved spiritual mother went home to be with Jesus this week. The impact Bev Long had on my life is immeasurable. The word of God was always on her lips. She saw the silver lining in every situation. She was always a delight to me. And, most impactful to me, when I was the most unloveable she loved me like I was the most incredible person in the world. When I grow up, I want to love the way that Bev loved me! See you on the other side, Mom!


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