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Fill and Fulfill

Praise the Lord, all you nations;

extol Him, all you peoples.

For great is His love toward us,

and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.

Praise the Lord! - Psalm 117:1-2

It's been a long time coming and yesterday was the day. About 50 people joined us to fill the container for Haiti. Wow!!! How amazing that so many would give up their Saturday morning and the most beautiful weather to make sure food and supplies were ready to be shipped. Thank you to everyone who came out!!!

The picture above was taken during our lunch break, with whoever was around at the moment. The container is now very close to completely full. We have a few more items arriving that we will add in and then the container will be heading to the dock to await shipping. Woo Hoo!!!

Here are some video clips from the day at Hector and Monica's. (Thank you Hector & Monica for sharing your space and your "toys" with us and working so, so hard!)

That last video clip included my grandson. Here's a still shot, in case you didn't see him in the video.

Like most of you, family means the world to Lex and me. We were so blessed recently to have our son and his wife visiting from North Carolina. We took the opportunity to take some family photos. Many of you remember our kids from trips to Haiti years ago - and honestly, I just love bragging about the beautiful family the Lord has given me. Sooooooo, here's one of the pictures...

Our kids were only 2 and 3 years old when we moved to the island. They worked hard and played hard, growing up in Haiti. They invested their lives in the ministry there, too. They loved being translators - especially for medical teams. They did a great job at it, too. They played a role in growing the medical ministry. Today, we have a great staff of doctors, dentists, and nurses caring for our community and beyond. Even though we miss the boost of visiting medical teams in Haiti, we are so grateful for the work these professionals do each day.

Jephte, MOHI's Haiti Country Director keeps an eye on all the activities and programs happening at MOHI in Haiti. He's pretty amazing!

Maintenance is a BIG job to oversee. This week we were repairing/recreating our preschool tables. Lookin' good!!!

Jesus loves the little children and so do we! (I mean that plurally: YOU and ME!)

Our staff personally puts a vitamin in each child's mouth to ensure they're getting it daily.

The moms usually feed the really little ones - sometimes a sibling will help.

As they get older they are able to feed themselves...not always neatly, mind you!

Some of the most fulfilling moments in our lives are when we do something to help someone else. Every day there are divine encounters appointed for us. I pray that we would each be sensitive to those appointments. When we consider another human being, we ask the Lord to give us His perspective. We ask, "Lord, show me the need that I can minister to at this moment." A smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a ride, help to pay a debt, sharing food or clothing... big or small, each time we follow HIM we are being HIS hands, feet, and voice to our neighbors in this world. The ones whom Christ gave Himself for so that He could redeem each one to Himself. Lord, may I make someone feel special today. May they feel that they belong, because of what You have done for them!


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