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Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021

I know so many of us are feeling relieved that 2020 is about to end and somehow we hold out hope that 2021 will be better. Amen - myself included! It's been an uncomfortable year, for sure. And yet, in the midst of the pandemic and political unrest in Haiti, God has remained the same. He's never left us. He's never fallen short of HIS goals. He's not once been surprised by a turn of events. He does know the end from the beginning and everything is still right on track. The English Standard Version reads, "...and I will accomplish all my purpose." I love knowing that HE will NOT be derailed - ever!

Some of us have lost dearly loved ones during this season. Rules surrounding the pandemic has made saying our goodbyes all that much more difficult. It's been hard and yet God has not changed. We grieve, but not as the world grieves, for we have hope beyond a simple hope. While our hearts are heavy with missing them, they themselves are experiencing the fullness of God (freedom, joy, love, contentment, satisfaction, peace, hope... you get the picture) beyond our wildest dreams! We cannot weep for them, but only for ourselves and our loved ones here who are grieving. I have found myself praying for so many friends and family in 2020 to truly know and experience the comfort of the Holy Spirit. I'm so grateful that He answers those prayers.

Something caught my eye recently as I was passing by a TV airing a news program. They were showing cars lined up, as some Americans were waiting to receive food boxes. I immediately thought of my friends in Haiti who are so grateful when we are able to distribute food to them. None of them have cars and most don't have jobs and yet God cares for them. Music is playing in my mind right now, "I sing because I'm happy. I sing because I'm free! HIS eye is on the sparrow and I KNOW HE watches me!" Do you know this? Think about it! He cares greatly for YOU, my friend!!!

Andre Lafleurs (shown with Dr. Cadet in the picture to the right) has been telling us about how God has been watching out for his needs this year. He lives in Grand-Goave and has been a patient at the MOHI clinic since 2019. Prior to coming to our clinic he went from hospital to hospital looking for treatment of a chronic condition, but continued to suffer. He was overjoyed to find that Dr. Evens was able to accurately diagnose his condition and provide him with medication that truly relieves his suffering. Praise God! He also tells us he really appreciates the counsel the nurses give at the beginning of the day while he waits to see the doctor. How awesome is it to know that God uses your efforts in supporting MOHI to answer the prayers of people like Andre?!!!

Frantzcesse recently visited our dental clinic for the first time. She lives in the next city where Dr. Evens is from. He told her about the clinic and she came to get her teeth worked on. She's eager to tell her neighbors about the dental clinic, because, as she put it, "they offer so many really costly services for very little money!"

We are so grateful to Mission USA and Bless Back Worldwide who support the staff in the dental and medical clinics. Their generosity keeps the clinics open without having to depend on the patients, who usually cannot afford the real cost of their services.

Our students finished up their exams and are enjoying a break for Christmas and New Year's now. We look forward to their return on January 4th. Thank you for continuing to keep them, their families, and teachers in prayer. Please consider joining us in prayer, too, for peace in Haiti.

Lex and I are praying for you as we enter into a new year. May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened more and more, that you might see and experience who you are in Christ. May you trust fully in HIS love and care for you and, in turn, may you share that love and care with the world - one person at a time. Happy New Year, Friends!


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