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Grief and Gratitude

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Friday morning, as I pulled up in front of my office, I was in the midst of a conversation with God. Who am I, LORD? Life is so fragile, yet here I am, still alive in my 60s." I thought of childhood friends long gone. There were so many opportunities for my life to be cut short, yet here I am. "LORD, obviously YOU still have reasons for keeping me in this 'earthsuit. ' May I be quick to respond to you each and every time YOU call on me."

I settled into my office, turned on my computer, and a message popped up. "Have you guys heard anything about that missionary couple that was killed last night in Haiti?" Davy and Natalie Lloyd were newlyweds serving at a ministry in Lizon, Port-au-Prince, until Thursday night. They were ambushed upon leaving a church youth meeting. In the end, they and the Haitian director of the ministry where they served were left dead.

I didn't know Davy, Natalie, or the director, but their deaths touched me deeply. I am heartbroken for their families. My emotions run from deep sadness to anger. I pray for their families to be comforted as they grieve.


In the meantime, my husband returned to Haiti this past week. With some ingenuity, he avoided traveling through or near Port-au-Prince completely.

I do miss those little 3-4" bananas we occasionally bought on the road to Jacmel. They are very firm and very sweet. Cayes Mirliton (aka the missionary compound) is looking good. I can hardly believe we have pineapples growing in the yard. That's a first!

Saturday was a good day to work on the boat trailer.

Pastor Lex spends weekdays at our main campus. He talks—a lot! He meets with staff, jokes with students, quizzes high school students, and makes friends in the clinics.

The gentleman in this video came looking for relief from acid reflux, went home with some medicine, and was feeling better. This was a BIG deal for him. Apparently he's been telling all his friends about it and they've started coming to the clinic, too.

Imagine needing an antacid or Tylenol and simply not having the means to get it. I'm so thankful that the LORD has provided our students and neighbors a place to find the help they need—hats off to our wonderful partners at Bless Back Worldwide. What neither of us could accomplish alone we are doing together!

We love that many of our students are taking advantage of vocational classes at our main campus. These students will always have a home business to fall back on when necessary.

We feel privileged to be welcoming those who have fled Port-au-Prince. Most arrive with only the clothes on their backs, and their little ones have suffered along the way. We have brought them into the baby feeding program so they can replenish their nutritional needs.

Before heading to Haiti, Pastor Lex was working in the Dominican Republic. I wonder how many people "love" their work as much as he does!

Slow and steady wins the race with this water house!

When Nurse Marlouse visits, the hypertension patients find comfort and reassurance. They've also found a caring friend in her.

A few days ago, our family friend, fellow missionary, and leadership coach (Legacy Leadership System), Taran Long, put on an all-day MOHI Team Leader Training for us. He shared inspiring and practical insights to help new team leaders continue our goal of "running mission trips where everyone wins"—the sending organization, church, or business—the individuals participating—MOHI—and the people we serve. It was also great to hear our daughter, Alexis, share her insights during one of the sessions. We are excited to see the training continue in the Dominican Republic next month!

Thank you to each one who has chosen to partner with us on this journey of life. We are so grateful for you!

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Chelle Pitts
Chelle Pitts

Loving these updates, Renee. My heart gasped with pain for the young couple who were brutally murdered in PAP as heart is still in Haiti and with the Haitian people. May we see God make a way for these unfortunate people, and may justice be served. Love you.

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