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HE Keeps Providing

This week we all shared stories of where we were twelve years ago when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the capital of Haiti - Leogane and Grand-Goave, too. It is a day forever etched in our minds. With as many as 300,000 killed and untold others sustaining life-altering injuries, It literally affected each and every person in the country. Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones. They will not be forgotten.

Michael and I work together regularly (online - he's in Haiti and I'm in the US right now) and I asked him his story. This was his response:

On January 12th, early in the morning, I went to a fast, prayed, got up at 1 p.m., and felt tired, and slept indoors. around 4:30 a servant of God came to my house and saw that I was sleeping and told my wife that she did not need to wake me up, so she left and she came back, she said, she heard a voice saying go back, and my wife woke me up, we talked and she left, shortly after the earth began to shake the house collapsed, there were 5 of us in the house, God don't let a single branch of our hairs be pulled out. thanks to the almighty God!

Genièse came to the clinic this week. She told us her story:

"My name is Genièse, this January 12th is a day that reminds us of how the country was troubled, cries everywhere. I lost a cousin of mine who lived with me. I was removed from the rubble, the house fell on me, I was in an empty space under the house but I could not get out, the walls were broken to put me out. God made this miracle for me that makes me live today!"

Attendance at our schools improved a little this week, but our main clinic was as busy as ever. A little Tylenol goes a long way when you are in pain and sick with a fever - as do the prayers Pastor Bauvais leads the people in.

Kerline's little sister had a fever that seemed it would kill her. But Kerline was accustomed to the MOHI clinic and brought her to be treated. She told us that "After God is the MOHI clinic. They take good care of their patients and they have very effective medicines."

Falandina came down with a fever overnight and fought to go to school the next morning. It was more than she could bear so she went to see the doctor. She is asking for prayer. She says she loves school and doesn't want to miss any days. Will you join us in praying for her? Thank you.

It's so incredible to see how much school means to our students. Just imagine if you and I weren't doing our part. The majority of the 1200 students attending our schools would not be in school right now. I've heard it said that God is a multiplier: 1+1+1 = way more than 3 in HIS math class! I'm so grateful that HE cares so deeply for each child - and for you and me, too!

I love that the Lord continues to provide for these little ones. I pray they don't need to know the suffering of hunger!

The students and staff at our Port-au-Prince campus had a super special morning Friday. Alleluia Band came and had a time of prayer and worship in the schoolyard. It was beautiful and everyone was really blessed by the Lord's presence. I encourage you to check out the video they posted here.

It's remarkable to see the wonderful things the Lord is doing in our midst! Thank you for your prayers, support, and care. Lex and I LOVE working with all of you!!!


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