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I Cannot Come Down

We celebrated independence this past week with our grandbabies in Massachusetts. I hope all our US friends enjoyed a special time, as well.

God is so good! After a 2-year COVID break, we were able to hold our 21st annual church conference at the MOHI Thozin, Grand-Goave campus.

The St Etienne campus church joins the Thozin campus church to host the event for other church groups from throughout the country. Even though there is so much unrest and insecurity in the country, people were eager to be a part and made the necessary sacrifices to travel and gather together again.

This year's theme: "The Church on its way to a glorious destiny" (Isaiah 35:8-10)

From a "pastoral" perspective, we love to see the Body of Christ at MOHI come together to serve. Everyone worked so hard to make people feel welcome, to clean, prepare food, and simply listen and care to those coming to participate.

There were many moments of rejoicing, meaningful worship, and the dawning of revelation.

What a joy to see the pastors baptizing new believers in front of the missionary compound. These people are declaring to us all that they are new creations in Christ. Old things are passed away. They have been buried with Christ and risen with Him into new life. It's a time of great rejoicing.

August 13th we will be packing a container for Haiti. Will you join with the others who have been donating food to be shipped? Below are donations from Burns Hill Christian Fellowship, World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, and Chair City Church. We need to double our donations this month. Please reach out today to make arrangements with us!

The food we are collecting will be used to feed students, staff, and these cuties in our Baby Feeding Programs...

At 98 years of age with mounting physical limitations, our friend and neighbor, Dr. St. Leger is no longer able to visit with us in Haiti. His son let us know that he had been asking for Pastor Lex, so we decided to take a drive to Montreal to spend a little time with him.

Our friends and partners at Bless Back Worldwide will be hosting a casual gathering tomorrow (Monday 7/11/22) evening. We are excited to see many of you who became our friends on the mission field of Haiti. If you are in the Charlotte area, please reach out to me I would love to share the details so we can see you, too!

Bless Back Worldwide's partnership with us has truly transformed healthcare for our students and the entire Grand-Goave community. God has been so good to our Haitian friends!!! We are also grateful for the local leadership of Dr. Mabou in the dental clinic.

I find Nehemiah chapter 6 to be so very encouraging. Nehemiah was building a wall around the city. It was God's plan and he would not be distracted. In John 16:33 we can read what Jesus says to us, " me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world." Let's not be distracted by ploys of the enemy - distractions that he brings into our lives to keep us from moving forward with God's plan. Rather, like Nehemiah we can choose to respond:

Things are coming together for MOHI in the Dominican Republic. Please keep us in prayer as we return to the DR this month to work on partnerships with local ministries. God has a plan and we are thrilled to have a small part in it. How about you? I suggest you start praying now about joining us in the DR in 2023! We can all preach the Gospel through the words we speak and the actions we take. We won't accept teams in Haiti right now, but you can still have a hands-on experience with our Haitian friends on the other side of the land border.

This couple is doing an amazing job of leading the ministry in Haiti. Hats off to you, Jephte and Madona!!!

Thank you to each of you who so generously enable this ministry to continue!!!


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