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Is It Normal?

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Resurrection Sunday! We are so accustomed to hearing and speaking of the Resurrection that it almost seems normal. Today is a good day to pause and realize that there is nothing normal about it! Imagine being in the place of the Roman soldiers, Mary, Peter, or even someone who once heard him speak. To actually see or hear first hand about this man you know who died actually being alive again - Wow!!!

When I consider how horribly Jesus was beaten and humiliated, and the amount of pain He suffered, I am amazed. I am amazed at how we have the capacity within ourselves to take such pleasure in hurting another human being - and a righteous one, at that. To me, it's simply unimaginable - and yet, as sad as this is, it is not unheard of for people to take pleasure in the abuse and demise of others. (Honestly, right now, the gangs in Haiti are living proof of how common it can be.)

More amazing still is that Jesus went into this situation with His eyes wide open. He actually CHOSE to bear the shame and suffering. Who does such things? This is not normal!

I imagine the horror His followers who witnessed any of this felt: a deep sense of injustice, overwhelming sorrow in seeing Him suffer, and absolute fear of guilt by association. And when it was finished, He was dead. How did they feel then? The One in whom they had put all their hope, was now gone. The One who saw and understood, who spoke as no one they had ever known. The One who saw through every smoke screen that had fooled everyone else. How would I feel to see Him gone? Hopeless. Just empty darkness.

Then came the morning—the unexpected, the unimaginable, the unbelievable, the impossible. This was definitely NOT NORMAL. The beloved Master, Teacher, Lord, and Friend was back? Could one even dare to hope? Yet, it was true. Jesus had risen, just as He'd said! How would I react? How amazed can one be? What would I feel? Would I believe it? Would I run to the grave to see the impossible for myself?

It wasn't normal then, and it's not normal now. Yet, Jesus not only died the brutal death of a criminal, having never done even one thing wrong, but He came out of that grave very much alive. He conquered death and the grave! And just as He died for you and me, He also came alive for us. He lives and forever stands in the gap between us and God so that we can also call Him our Father. It's not normal, but thank God it's true!


MOHI students enjoyed Thursday and Friday off to prepare for their Good Friday and Easter celebrations. Typically, preparations begin with a special outfit for church. These days, it's not likely our friends are going out to buy new clothes, but they will wash their Sunday best, lay them out on rocks or fences to dry, iron them (they may need to use their charcoal iron, since there may or may not be electricity at any given time), and lay them out to wear. A special meal with rice and beans, greens, fish, and sauce... well, that may also need to be curbed a bit.

While political unrest, violence, inflation, and other factors can negatively affect our Easter traditions, these things have no power over the reality of Easter. Jesus took our place in death so that we could thrive in the Father's presence and live with Him for all eternity. War, poverty, suffering, and pain cannot erase that reality. And so we celebrate the victory!

In Haiti, parents came to school to receive their children's report cards before vacation started.

Patients didn't seem to take a break for Easter. Thankfully our medical staff didn't either.

Food is, of course, a critical need right now. We are so grateful that our supporters agree with us.

Lex was back in the Dominican Republic this past week. He worked with Met Ben to register more babies in START NOW.

Even 2-month-old Edeline is registered now. How sweet is she???

Building homes and communities requires a lot of collaboration with individuals and organizations. Together, we are seeing things come together for our friends in La Grúa. 11 families are already living in their new homes! We're ready now to start on building #2. Are you with us? Check out the bird' s-eye view in the video below.

Thank you for being a part of MOHI!!! We're better together! Have a great week. HE IS RISEN!


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