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Mom's Day Plus

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mom friends!

Moms are special for countless reasons, woven into the very fabric of their being. They love and nurture their children with boundless care and selflessness.

From the tender moments of infancy to the tumultuous teenage years and beyond, they stand as unwavering pillars of support, offering guidance, comfort, and wisdom.

Moms possess a unique blend of strength and compassion, capable of soothing wounds with a gentle touch and empowering their loved ones to reach for the stars.

Their laughter is a melody that fills homes with warmth, and their sacrifices echo through generations, shaping the very essence of family.

Moms are the heartbeat of our lives, illuminating our paths with their love and lighting up the world with their unwavering devotion.

Spiritual moms are important to all of us, as well. We had the opportunity to spend a night with our dear friend Sally Heier while we were visiting churches in Florida. Sally has imparted so much to my entire family. She has a way of making us think better of ourselves and encouraging us to trust God to accomplish more for HIS kingdom. She is so special to each one of us!

I am celebrating Mother’s Day today with my beautiful daughter, son-in-law, and the amazing three grandchildren they gave us. For years, I have heard friend after friend tell me the same thing: " There’s just nothing like having grandbabies.” Yeah, well, I have been a part of that choir for just over six years now. Absolutely!!!

We had tried to schedule a day to visit with our son and daughter-in-law in North Carolina during our travels, but we couldn’t coordinate it ahead of time. Well, God knows how to manage time way better than we do. We ended up spending a night with them, which was so good for my soul. This past week, our son graduated from the nursing program he’s been in for the past two years. Wow!!! We are so proud of him!

We also were able to spend an evening with Bill & Lisa and Joe & Dr. Carmen from Bless Back Worldwide – our partners in medical ministry over the past twelve years. There are some exciting things in the works and it was great to be able to discuss them face to face.

Our visit with Fellowship West from Oak Ridge, TN was a grand time for Lex and I. We stayed with our friends, Max and Angie McCoy. Many of you who have served in Haiti with us will remember Angie, who ran the medical clinic for about a year and a half while living full-time at “Cayes Mirliton” (missionary compound).

We enjoyed a meal with the church’s mission committee and some folks interested in coming to serve with us for a week in Haiti. We love getting to know people!

We have entered into a new partnership with Fellowship West (which we fondly refer to as “Angie’s church”). The LORD has provided vision and resources that can be used to augment each others’ ministries – a win for the church, a win for MOHI, a win for our friends in Haiti, and a win for our friends in the Dominican Republic. God is up to something GOOD! (Of course.)

We greeted the congregation, and Lex shared his story. However, the highlight of our time was in the children’s ministry area.

This week we said, "goodbye for now" to a wonderful missionary, husband, father, medical doctor, friend, brother in Christ, visionary (and so much more!), Dr. Gary Lee. His influence on my family's life runs deep, and I feel immensely fortunate to have had such a dear mentor and friend. Indeed, he now hears the words "Well done!" in eternity, discovering countless stories he helped shape.

My prayers continue for his cherished family, whom he loved beyond this world. This family's love inspires us all.

Even when Pastor Lex and I are in the US, MOHI stays fully engaged with our friends in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing group of people teaching, preaching, doctoring, administrating, feeding, maintaining, and truly caring for young and old alike.

Happy International Nurses Day! We have WONDERFUL nurses at MOHI!

At church in St. Etienne:

"How much do I owe, Love without end

How much do I owe, Christ is for me

I know what He's done for me, I can't even say how much I owe

It was the love He has for me that caused Him to die in humiliation

I know what He's done for me, I can't even say how much I owe"

In the Dominican Republic, Nurse Marlouse faithfully visits the neighborhoods, caring for the sick and providing education.

We're still harvesting sweet potatoes and squash while we prepare the soil for the next planting.

You may recall we recently drilled a well. This week, we completed the hard work of bringing the pipes across the river and into the area where we are building the water house. This is super exciting!!!

Food remains a great need for our friends in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Our child sponsors, baby sponsors, and partners impact lives directly with their support. We are so grateful for each one! Thank you.

I just spent the weekend with a WHOLE LOT of women. I was reminded - and will now remind you

We Are Better Together!




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