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Let's Ship It!

I was going through pictures from last weekend's church conference in Thozin. Although I couldn't be there, looking at these pictures of captured moments made me feel connected with my church family there.

This picture of Esther and Shirley, two peas in a pod and the best of friends, sent me down memory lane. When we first started the mission these two were young ladies and fully engaged in our youth ministry. Oh, how they LOVED to sing! As you can see, they still love to sing and worship the Lord. Today they both are godly wives and mothers with three children each. Like them, their children love to be in church whenever the doors are open. Thank you, Lord, for the work you are doing in them and through them!


We are scheduled to pack the container for Haiti on Saturday, August 13th. We’re super excited to get this going! It’s now time for our final food push. We need about 15 more pallets of food to complete the container. Cooking oil and rice are our greatest needs. A pallet of fifty, 50lb bags of rice can be purchased for $1525 and a pallet of cooking oil (224 gallons) for $2854. Would you help us in this final stretch? Please reach out to business owners or partner with friends and family to provide a pallet of rice or oil to help keep our students and babies fed this next school year. Thank you!


Nurse Cadet is a hard-working, kind-hearted, and patient nurse in the medical clinic. In addition to assisting our patients, she makes sure the shelves are stocked, tasks are being completed, and there are no bottlenecks with the flow of patients. We all are blessed by her presence.

Sometimes our dental patients need a little extra coaching to stay in the chair!


The people of Haiti are suffering at every turn. Political unrest, rampant gang wars, fuel shortages, natural disasters, and an inflation rate of over 25% are all negatively affecting Haitian families. Even personal safety is questioned each time someone goes to leave their home. People often speak of Haitian resiliency, but honestly – what is the alternative to being resilient? Together, you and I are positively impacting the well-being of thousands of people. Food insecurity is rampant. Both nutrition and bulk are important for our students. Today we are making food available to children who may not otherwise find food at all. Thank you for making such a difference!


To all our adventurers who have been missing those annual trips to serve in Haiti, the next best thing is becoming a reality. We have located a "missionary compound" property to rent in the Dominican Republic. It's located in a rural area on the northwestern coast. We plan to partner with local churches, schools, and clinics, as well as introduce ourselves to Haitian villages in the area.

We have one team already scheduled in January, but there is still another week available. Reach out to me with questions and to discuss bringing your team to MOHI in the DR! And if you don't have a team to bring, reach out anyway as we are considering a "pre-team" in December, too.


This is Guisson. He's a 14 year-old, fun-loving young man who attends MOHI's church and school in Thozin. He tells us he loves God so much for sending His Son to save us. He loves school, too. His dream is to one day become a doctor and help others. It's a big dream that will take a lot of work, but Guisson is full of hope!

Thank you for your prayers and support which are providing hope for Guisson and his friends!


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