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Looking Forward to Year Two!

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I posted about it being Mother's Day in Haiti ... and then I was disappointed that not one person from Haiti wished me a happy Mother's Day. I figured "out of sight, out of mind." Well, this week I figured out the reason - TODAY is Mother's Day in Haiti! I apologize for getting the wrong date! I hope you still enjoyed my thoughts about it.

At the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince, the younger students made elaborate cards for their moms.

The older students wrote beautiful, creative letters.

The little ones in Thozin energetically colored pictures for their moms.

Lots of hard work was going on this week in all three of our schools, St. Etienne...


... and Thozin.

Our first year at the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince is winding down. We knew that transitioning the leadership in Haiti would be difficult to manage. Guess what? It has been. There's a reason God doesn't show us all the details upfront. Which one of us would choose a path full of potholes and broken glass? And yet sometimes it feels like that's where we're walking. But with God, all things are possible. We can even walk on water if that's where HE leads!

We have been educating and feeding children for over 22 years now. We have overcome many, many difficulties. We are not faint of heart.

We have already been preparing for our second year at Christian Light School. We are asking the Lord to continue building on the good foundation that is in place. We are so thankful for HIS grace in our lives. And we are ever so grateful for each of you whom HE has asked to partner with us in this important work of ministry.

Life in Haiti is hard. Life in Port-au-Prince is extremely hard. Please pray for the families whose children attend our schools and those in the baby feeding programs. May HE continue to bring hope to them and keep them safe.

I do want to thank all of you who attended the online prayer meeting this past week in support of the work at CLS. Many more wrote to share their words of encouragement and prayers. This means so much to Lex and me. We know we are never alone, for God is with us always. It's especially wonderful when we see HIM in the brothers and sisters who care.

"Jesus loves the little children..." As followers of Christ, we all love them. They also bring great joy to our hearts. We had a great time sharing flip-flops with students this past week. The little girls were thrilled with those pink-flowery ones!

Whether it's with fancy footwear or singing a song, these students are ready to shine!

Haiti is a very social country. People love to be together. Personal space has very little meaning. When Michael has the camera out, they ask him to take their pictures with their friends.

They like to swing with their friends, too.

The medical and dental clinics, as usual, were busy this past week. Pastor Bauvais stays busy singing and praying with the patients while they wait for their turn.

It's super exciting to see the baby feeding programs in St. Etienne and Little Paradise in full swing. Would you join us in lifting them up to Jesus in prayer? There is hope and a future for each one!

The staff at all three locations put love and care into preparing food for the little ones.

L'Eglise Evangélique Mission of Hope in Thozin and St. Etienne are praying churches. Every time the doors are open they are praying for us and for all their supportive friends from other countries. If they know you are going through a difficult time, they will pray fervently for you. I encourage you to reach out with your prayer requests. I will make sure they are passed along to the churches. When they knock, God opens. When they ask, God answers.


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