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Making Progress

January 29, 2023

Container update: The container we shipped to Haiti this summer has finally been moved out of the storage area in Lafiteau, Haiti across the bay to the customs area. The container was unloaded, inspected, reloaded into another container, and sealed with a new seal. We are now awaiting the customs agency to charge us. Please keep praying. We are super excited to see this positive movement and hope to be sharing the good news of its release very soon!

Jephte and Madona's years of experience with us in Haiti have proved to be an excellent resource for us in the Dominican Republic, as well. They traveled back to Haiti with Pastor Lex last weekend and immediately jumped back into work Monday morning in the classrooms.

Among other things, Madona oversees the baby feeding program. She ensures that food is prepared for and served to each child. She passes out the vitamins to them each morning and also organizes teaching sessions for the children's care providers.

We have been seeing so many little ones in the clinic lately.

Sometimes they come because they are ill, but they often come for well-baby checks. This is incredible! When the clinic began, most patients were knocking on death's door. Today the clinic is a primary care facility where we can see significant improvements in the overall well-being of our community.

The dentists are such a blessing to our students and community!

While neither Lex nor I are healthcare professionals, people's well-being is very important to us. Isn't it just amazing to see the people and organizations the Lord has brought to MOHI who ARE qualified? I'm so grateful! I hope you will rejoice with us in knowing that FINALLY Saintalien has received surgery and no longer has a bone protruding from his hip.

As you can see in the video below, he is very thankful to each one who had a part in his care. Mayo, who translated for the team last week, recommended a surgeon. He then went with Saintalien to meet the surgeon, to get his labs done, and then for his surgery - he even signed for the surgery. Thank you, Mayo!!!

I'm back in Massachusetts now but spent the week in Luperòn without my husband. In general, no matter the country I'm in, I don't sleep particularly well without him. Thus the story behind this video:

I have been known to bring my office setup out onto the veranda in Haiti and now in Luperòn, as well. Bernard, our DR country director, may have pickied up some of my habits!

Reach out to me at this week if you'd like to enjoy the view while being a blessing to the people in the Luperòn area of the Dominican Republic March 4 - 11. There's still room for you!


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