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Making the Most of Today

Most of Haiti spent the week with no access to gasoline. Whether you have means or are poor, gasoline simply has not been available to purchase. There is gasoline in the country, but a certain gang is refusing to allow it to be transported out of the ports and to the gas stations. The fuel truck drivers were already being targeted, with some even being shot and killed. This aspect of the current, totally unprecedented crisis, means that transportation is extremely expensive, if available at all. Consequently, many (if not most) businesses, schools, and even hospitals were forced to shut their doors this week, as most staff have not been able to get to their work locations. In addition to this, there was a general strike (protests) called for Monday-Wednesday.

The missionary community, along with Haitian and international Christians are engaging in a time of intercession and prayer for the missionaries that have been held hostage and for the country of Haiti in general, October 29-31. Would you join us in prayer today?

Everyone working with Mission of Hope International understands that their presence or absence directly impacts the lives of the children we all serve. Consequently, the majority of the employees do everything they can to get to work. At the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince, Monday through Wednesday was not an option. Thursday and Friday, however, many of the staff walked to work. Preschool and Kindergarten classes did not function at all, and very few of the other students came to school either. The ones who did come had the full attention of their teachers and, in their innocence, were able to enjoy their time in school.

Southeast of Port-au-Prince, we continued working in the Camp Perrin area - barely. We were able to get some materials delivered to start constructing a second house, but the workers weren't able to get to the site. Work on the first house crawled, as did the work on the water cisterns. We are accustomed to living out "where there's a will there's a way," but these days those "ways" seem extremely limited.

While Grand-Goave is suffering right along with the entire country, with the support of our community and early intervention (major rationing of fuel), our school there was able to stay open all week.

Students started their trimester-end exams this week.

In between exams, friends have opportunities to visit. These beautiful, young women were born around the time of the earthquake. I remember Wanchina Isabella (3rd from the Left below) was born while her parents were sheltering at the MOHI church in Grand-Goave. She was an adorable little baby - she's growing into a lovely young woman, inside and out!

Physical activity is an important part of learning for these little ones...

...and as they get older, too!

Asley is pretty excited to be working out of the new lab room at the clinic in Thozin.

People continue looking for local solutions to health problems at our medical and dental clinics in Thozin.

This common fungal infection on the scalp is very contagious and can lead to permanent hair loss.

This patient was eager to speak of the clinic, saying, "If these children are alive today, after God it's thanks to the MOHI clinic. There was a time when they were very sick. I went from hospital to hospital without finding a solution. When I arrived at MOHI, it was total deliverance for my family! The MOHI clinic is MY clinic and I never forget the clinic and staff in my prayers.

We are so grateful for our friends and partners at Bless Back Worldwide who have worked with us over the years to improve the quality of care, recordkeeping, safety, and availability of high-quality medications. We're better together!!!

We moved the radio station to a temporary location in order to turn that room into a medical lab with the hopes of moving the radio station into a newly constructed room above the lab.

Now that the lab is complete, we are focusing on the room for the radio station. This week we began laying tiles on the floor.

As you can see, we are trying hard to keep our programs, activities, and projects moving forward. It's hard to do, but it keeps children fed and learning. It keeps providing jobs that provide for families. It brings healing to the sick and hope to the lost. Thank you so much for supporting us in every way during such a difficult period. God has blessed us beyond imagination!!!!

Yesterday, as Pastor Lex texted his family that his plane had arrived in Haiti, I received a post from another group: "Confirmed shooting at school in Bourdon, kidnap target ran into school for haven and bandits started shooting." Obviously, this was very disturbing news, but God is good. None of us are promised tomorrow. I want to make the most of today, trusting the Lord to use me to touch another's life while I am here. Will you let HIS light shine through you today - and each and every day HE extends to you?

Apparently, today was "pick on people" day at the MOHI church in Thozin. Such fun! Isn't it wonderful to see joyful faces in the midst of this storm? "The Joy of the Lord is your strength!" (Neh 8:10)

This afternoon, Dr. Kaylah Holland joined Pastor Lex at the UNISMA (university in Petit-Goave) commencement celebration. He was there in person and she joined online. What a special time!

God is good!


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