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More Than Can Be Told

Replenishing our school food is no easy feat at this time. Many food depots have closed. Fuel is difficult to find and very expensive when it is found, so transportation becomes an issue, too. Everything is more expensive. Yet this week, the Lord provided!

Affection? A giggle? Joy? Compassion? What do YOU feel when you see the smiles of these precious children in our schools?

Our school teachers work hard... do our students!

The 1st and 2nd grade students prepared this week to sing a song of praise in the church service this morning.

The cooks make delicious and nutritious food for these beloved children.

The babies enjoy it, too. And their moms are thrilled to put food into the mouths of their little ones!

Professor Myckoson has been working with us for 4 months now, teaching 6th grade at the Thozin campus. He told us this week that he's so excited to face a classroom of students who have such a strong desire to learn. He was proud to have his picture taken with his 3 top students.

The clinic continues to be a place of hope and healing for the Grand-Goave community and beyond.

The dentists are working nonstop, too.

Construction has begun on house #3 in the earthquake zone.

While my heart is heavy for the suffering of God's creation - the people of Haiti, over and over again I am awestruck by the details He works out for people. He meets needs when there seems to be no way. He shows His goodness, kindness, care to the lost through His church reflecting His nature for them to see. His glory is plain to see, if we choose to look.


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