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Sunday, January 28, 2024

The past week has been a remarkable chapter in the ongoing mission of Mission of Hope International (MOHI), with a team from New England Chapel from Franklin, Massachusetts, playing a central role. This dedicated team, led by Taran and Katie, significantly impacted the communities in and around Luperón, Dominican Republic, demonstrating the power of God's love, hearts of compassion, and teamwork.

Community Engagement:

The team's activities were diverse, ranging from manual labor to praying and playing. A significant step in the ongoing construction in La Grúa, was the team members selflessly contributed to hauling and spreading gravel and concrete for twelve new family homes (rooms) destined for fire victims. The involvement of neighborhood men, women, and even children in this effort showcased unity and determination to make a positive change.

Business Academy and Community Support:

Aquilina, the Bless Back Business Academy coach-in-training, guided the team as they visited local businesses impacted by Business Academy events. Witnessing the joy and appreciation of small business owners upon receiving encouragement and support highlighted the impact MOHI and Bless Back Worldwide are already having on the local entrepreneurial spirit.

Laying the Groundwork:

Lex and Renée's daughter Alexis and her husband Alain joined the team for the village visits. Together, they registered 35 infants/toddlers for upcoming programs in La Grúa and Baraguana. Lisa took some beautiful pictures of these sweet children. While we are still working on all the details, we expect this program to include education for moms/caregivers, nutritious meals and vitamins for the little ones, and wellness checks from the Community Health Promoter.

Pastoral Outreach:

Home visits with Pastor Miratel in Luperón brought the team closer to the heart of the community. Engaging in meaningful conversations, listening to the challenges faced by families, praying together, and leaving food packages exemplified MOHI's holistic approach to community support.

Continued Construction Efforts:

Due to adverse weather conditions, the team couldn't participate in the construction at the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperón. However, with improved weather conditions, even though the team is gone, parishioners and hired masons are now resuming the project. MOHI is committed to making a lasting impact in the communities served.

Sidewalks, windows, and doors are installed now in the first building of the La Grúa construction project, benefiting victims of a fire that destroyed about one-third of the village.

Spiritual Enrichment:

Morning devotions and evening debriefs were crucial to the team's mission experience. Taran's daily Bible teachings and intentional sharing sessions underscored the spiritual aspect of MOHI's work, with God's presence evident in every aspect of their journey.

Small Projects, Big Impact:

The team's involvement in small projects at the Mission House, such as replacing worn electrical outlets and building shelves, may seem insignificant, but these details contribute to the overall functionality of the mission. These improvements will undoubtedly enhance the experience for future volunteers and residents alike.

A New Family Value:

Having welcomed our second family team this month, the invaluable presence of families on these missions has become increasingly evident. Similar to the first team, the collective family experience allows them to encounter and process challenges together and positions them as living examples for families in the villages facing struggles. The resonance is profound, as children connect with children, strengthening existing relationships and paving the way for new ones. The familial dynamic adds a unique dimension to our mission, fostering a sense of unity and relatability that transcends cultural boundaries and creates a lasting impact.

Considering a Hope Encounter/Mission Trip?

Mike shares his thoughts at the end of his time in Luperón:

A Message of Gratitude:

The blog post concludes (perhaps a rather long conclusion) with heartfelt gratitude for the continued support from individuals like you. Despite the challenges posed by political and social unrest in Haiti, MOHI persists in its mission to provide education, healthcare, relief, and the message of hope to those in need.

Among the littlest patients:

A great team working together:

Vocational training:

Among our students:

Senior banquet:

Baptisms this morning at the missionary compound in Grand-Goâve:


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