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No Worries

Sunday, November 12, 2023

We honor all our US veterans today and thank you for your service. We are indebted to you and oh so grateful.

As I traveled to the Dominican Republic overnight, my thoughts were on our new friends in Gardner. Three of them will be starting new jobs tomorrow. I'm very excited for them. This is a big step in their journey to provide for their families and to help them integrate into the greater community.

As I faded in and out of sleep, I thought about my friends in Haiti, whom I've not seen in person for about three years now. I'm so grateful that Mission of Hope International is there to help them and the communities of Grand-Goave and St. Etienne. I think of the years invested in the leadership there. I think, also of those fleeing to these communities from their gang-controlled neighborhoods in and around Port-au-Prince. Could it be the LORD was preparing a shelter for them, too? It does sound like something HE would do. HE's never caught off guard or surprised by the circumstances that often stump us. No worries!

The reality is that the LORD uses people like you and me to prepare answers to prayers. HE knows the end from the beginning, but we walk by faith. Our walks of faith splatter HIS goodness all around. We grow closer to HIM as we trust HIM. The overflow lands on the people we encounter and even on those we will never encounter in this lifetime. Isn't that my husband's story? As a 10-year-old boy, he was sponsored by a woman he had never met. He still hasn't met her. And yet the LORD used that woman, not only to educate and feed him, but to now educate, feed, and bring health to untold others. Each of us can be part of a story like that simply by giving. (Notice I refer to it as "simple" rather than "easy"!)

Today, people like Ron, Fritz, Nicole, Laura, and Terry know they are impacting one life through sponsorship. GOD, however, knows how many they are actually impacting through this one act of kindness. Right now Ciphline, Ezechiel, Judnie, and Emmanuel are hoping that someone will sponsor them, too. That someone might be you. Let me know at - thank you!

These little ones are so blessed to be a part of our baby feeding program. Time after time the parents remind us that they don't know how they would have fed these children without the help of MOHI friends and partners.

When these children turn 3, they can transition into our preschool program. There, they will begin their formal education and continue eating a hot meal each day.

And for years to come, they will continue learning, eating, growing strong, and learning to be thankful for God's blessing in their lives.

Throughout their school years, the students will have free access to medical and dental care in the clinics at our Thozin campus.

Pastor Lex had good conversations with our clinic staff and leadership team while in Haiti.

Now we are in the Dominican Republic, where Nurse Marlouse has been keeping an eye on our friends in La Grua, Cambiaso, and Playa Cambiaso. Recently there has been a "bug" going around, causing a lot of vomiting and diarrhea. Nurse Marlouse was able to counsel them and help with some hydration.

Please remember our friends in La Grua who lost everything when half of the village burnt down. We have the walls up for a new shelter for them, but we need your help to finish it.

Please consider sharing of your means with our friends. Thank you.

We continue locking arms with our friends at the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperón. We have come to love, respect, and greatly appreciate Pastor Miratel. He truly cares for people - whether they attend "his church" or not. We are grateful for the LORD leading us across each others' paths. This picture is from a LIVELY service this morning - loving God with our whole being.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry. We couldn't do it alone - and God promised we wouldn't BE alone either!


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