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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Happy Sunday, friends. I'm excited to spend my Sunday with a great group from Crossroads Church in Orange, Massachusetts!!!

This is Carole-Ann's BELOVED home church. She and Angie (Shepherd) McCoy are co-leading the team and are off to a great start!

Pastor Lex had the privilege of introducing the team to our friends in La Grua as they made their way to the mission house from the airport.

It was a LONG travel day for these folks. I was so glad to see them take a moment to relax before digging into all the work they have to do this week.

This morning's activities at the mission house included devotions, a popular Haitian breakfast (spaghetti), and a language workshop before heading to the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperòn. The morning concluded with a visit to the church's future home and a tour of Luperòn.

While holding down the fort (the mission house), I was happy to have some local visitors. Marlouse (our Community Health Promoter) stopped by with her two girls, and José came by with his wife and three daughters. What a treat for me!

This afternoon we are unpacking the supplies the team brought with them. We are also preparing food kits to distribute to different families in need in the Luperòn community. We are so grateful to Bless Back Worldwide for their generosity toward those in need!

Construction is stopped for the moment, as we await funding to raise the roof. Check it out here on YouTube!

Please consider a donation to get that roof started. Thank you!

Marlouse met with many patients in the villages this past week. One of the things she does is test blood sugar levels for chronically ill patients. All the children surrounding the woman in the picture have what we call "pyas" (aka tinea). It quickly spreads from child to child. Thanks to Angie for bringing in a treatment for them.

The medical needs of our students and neighbors in Haiti are being met through our partnership with Bless Back Worldwide, too. Thank you, LORD, for knitting our hearts together in love and service to YOU!

Madona recently shared a story with me from the clinic in Thozin:

In the quiet corners of Mission of Hope’s clinic, a story of resilience and hope unfolds. Meet Michou, a remarkable 32-year-old mother of five, who walked through our clinic doors with her youngest daughter.

Michou’s smile, radiant and sincere, spoke volumes as she shared her journey with me - one intertwined with the blessings of this very clinic. Whenever illness struck her or her children, this clinic provided the care and medicine they needed. Today pregnant and under our care, Michou is a testament to our commitment.

We extend our deepest thanks to all who support Mission of Hope. Your contributions make stories like Michou’s possible, reminding us that compassion changes lives. With her growing family and others, our Mission remains unwavering as a beacon of hope for those in need.

What we eat significantly impacts our health. During these extremely difficult times, so many of our neighbors find it difficult to eat regularly or adequately. In order for them to learn, be healthy, or listen to the Good News, they first need to quiet the very real pain of hunger they are experiencing. As such, food is very basic and critical to our ministry in Haiti. Feeding people is also one of our greatest joys.

We are so grateful for your continued and faithful support. Together we are impacting thousands of lives every day. Thank you!

Hats off to our friends in Manchester, CT, who ship food and supplies to us quarterly. Wow!!!! We are so grateful!!! And what a blessing that actually arrived at the mission! Thank you LORD!

Jephte took some time with our preschool and primary teachers this week to do computer training. They were excited about it and our students will definitely benefit from it.

It's exciting to see Rémy, a MOHI high school graduate, preaching in the school's Chapel Service and assisting our teaching staff.

Madona participated in an education event today with our friends at Clifton Lutheran Church in Marblehead, MA. She was able to share with Pastor James Bixby and the youth participants about the country of Haiti and the ways in which they help.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Elie on the presentation of their little one at the church in Thozin this morning!

Thank you for walking on this journey with Lex and I! Have a blessed week!


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