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Screeching Halt

Circumstances in Haiti have gone from bad to worse - and then to worse still. My heart cries out to the Lord for deliverance for the people of Haiti. To say the situation is complicated would be an understatement. I wish it were a matter of simply saying, "well if you do this and stop doing that, everything will be fine." In the over two decades in which I have been serving the population of Haiti, I have never known it to be in this state. More than ever before, the people of Haiti are looking to Jesus for answers.

As you know, we have been working nonstop since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the south of Haiti on August 14th. Truly, the Lord has been with us. So many of you immediately sent funds to be used in feeding, clothing, healing, and protecting victims in the Camp Perrin area. Right up until Friday we were moving full speed ahead with construction. Water cistern #2 just needs to be painted and #3 has the walls up.

Despite daily rain, our first house build has moved right along. Funds have been made available to build a total of three houses so far.

Friday everything came to a screeching halt. We worked through almost daily rain. We worked through hundreds of kidnappings. We worked through gang activities. Why would we stop now?

No fuel. Fistfights break out over who will get a quart of gas from the gallon that was purchased for over $20 US. Motorcycle taxis have become very popular over the last decade. They have provided a means of income for many and inexpensive local transportation for the multitudes. Today, even the motorcycles are parked, because they either can't find or simply can't afford the outrageous price of the fuel.

Imagine paying $5/gallon one week and $20 the next week! Add to that calculation that the majority of Haitians live on a mere $2/day or less. That $15 difference means you can no longer support your family. It also means that all goods have likewise increased in price. The protests caused by political maneuvering have turned a corner and are turning into a popular uprising.

Port-au-Prince is the capital city and the most conflicted of cities in Haiti. This is where the Christian Light School campus is located. It is very difficult for the students and staff. This past week there were calls for protests on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone stayed home. Wednesday children came back to school. They came to school on Thursday, but it wasn't long before parents started showing up at the gate to escort their children home, as general violence was breaking out in the streets. Friday everyone stayed home again. Would you please continue with us in prayer for Haiti and especially for the innocent children caught in the midst of a national revolt?

MOHI's other campuses have been impacted, but not to the extent of Port-au-Prince. Schools in Grand-Goave and Leogane have operated continuously through it all.

The medical clinic in Thozin was slammed all week. With the rise in violent protesting and the insufficiency of fuel supply, people are not traveling. They are seeking medical and dental care at home. Many are discovering the quality care at MOHI for the first time. We hope this will encourage them to make this clinic their place of primary care, rather than going from one hospital to another, to another. Continuity of care can greatly impact the health of a population.

It was great to see Marie Rose bring her triplets for a check up this week.

The dentists have been busy, too.

We visited the clinic at Mission E4 in Leogane this week. It's pretty amazing to see what can happen when nonprofit organizations work together. Hats off to Mission E4, Bless Back Worldwide, and Mission of Hope International for great collaborations!

As alerted by the US Embassy, protests are expected for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There is no fuel available for transportation. Everyone is impacted. We are praying for an end to the overwhelming distress. People in the south are still homeless. Needs continue. How do we help? We are trusting the Lord to lead us. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and generosity! Our hope is founded on Jesus, the Solid Rock!


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