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See the One

The shipping company informed us of a delay in picking up the container. We're actually glad for the delay as this gives us a few more days to squeeze a little more into the container. If you have something you think would be beneficial to our friends in Haiti and are in the central Massachusetts area, please reach out to me right away. We'll figure out how to get it into the container. Thank you.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but please do continue to join us in praying for the country of Haiti and everyone living there.

Many details concerning Haiti have been in the US news recently. OAS chief Almagro brought to light the role of the international community in Haiti's failed state. One news network's journalist reported from inside a Haitian police tank as they were engaging a gang in the street. Weapons smuggling into Haiti is a MAJOR contributor to Haiti's problems, considering Haiti manufactures neither guns nor ammunition, yet the streets are currently ruled by heavily armed gangs.

Haitians are fleeing the country in every manner imaginable, including in overcrowded boats heading to South Florida. They are not ignorant of the very real possibility of not making it to Florida alive, but based on the circumstances they are facing at home they are willing to take the risk. No matter our political stance on immigration, if we take a moment to attach the faces of real people to those fleeing, we can't help but feel their desperation and join in crying out to the Lord on their behalf.

Here in the midst of such dire circumstances, the Lord continues to provide for the needs of His people. I'm so grateful the Lord continues to utilize each of us as a conduit of His blessing - materially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially...

When I consider all the programs and different aspects of aiding people in which we participate, the greatest help by far is the presentation of the Gospel. It is clearly presented in worship services, feeding programs, clinic waiting areas, MOHI's radio station, home visits, and set devotionals in school. It is also presented through a listening ear, a patient response, a healing touch, and clear boundaries. All of these things and more declare, "We care because Christ in us cares!" Speaking a word without the corresponding actions of love would simply be empty.

By working together; with Haitian nationals, international missionaries, financial donors, program creators, etc., we are impacting lives through both word and deed. The creation of jobs in a society with a 75%+ unemployment rate is so inspiring. When a person works with their own hands to care for their family it restores dignity and a desire to shine in the community. From cleaning and maintenance... providing medical and dental care... feeding babies...

...together, we are shining the Gospel of Christ brightly - dispelling the power of darkness in our midst.

Bedsaida is 6 years old and will be starting 1st grade next month. She enjoys dancing and writing in school. She is fascinated with dolls and loves God "because He loves all children." She gets excited about mealtime and tells us her favorite meal is bulgar wheat cooked with beans, topped with fish sauce and avocado. Please consider becoming Bedsaida's sponsor. Reach out to to find out how!

I have no aspirations of changing the country of Haiti, but I have hope that the Lord will use you and me to impact one life and then another and yet another. Little by little, there will be a change for those the Lord puts in our path. Perhaps He will choose to do the same through many other ministries, too. Changing the country is beyond what I can imagine, but I am trusting God to change the lives of each person He brings to MOHI. I believe He will.

I want to encourage you this week to put a face to the statistics you are hearing. Look beyond the big picture and the policies (both good and bad) to the one. Look at one child and consider their suffering. Consider one parent who doesn't know how to keep their child safe or even feed them today. Pray for the one. Care about the one. Do something to help the one.


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