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Serving the Community

Students are finishing up exams this week, but last week they had some opportunities to celebrate Christmas with their classmates. Let me tell you, Haitians know how to do fancy when it comes to celebrations! Look at these cuties!

Frantzo is a student at the MOHI school in Thozin, Grand-Goave. He is ten years old and in the third grade. He used to attend school in a neighboring village, but his mom just couldn't come up with the tuition payments to keep him there. Rather than keeping him home, she decided to give MOHI a try. Frantzo is happy with her decision. He told us he would sometimes go a whole day without any food to eat. He's grateful that he gets a big plat of food each day at school and doesn't have to constantly deal with being hungry.

Marie Joanne lives in a village in the mountains outside of Grand-Goave. She came to Grand-Goave this week to enjoy Christmas with her child (living with extended family) who is a student in the school at MOHI. Marie Joanne hadn't been feeling well for a couple of weeks. When she arrived in Grand-Goave her child brought her to our clinic. She was really happy to find a solution for herself, but she couldn't stop talking about how much she appreciates how MOHI cares for her child in so many ways - education, hot meals, dental care, medical care... She said, "I love the MOHI clinic because I know my child's health is assured." Here, Dr. Evens is consulting Marie Joanne.

The dental clinic is doing some amazing work for our students and community, as well. I won't identify this patient, but I will share before and after pictures so you can have a glimpse of the impact the clinic is having in people's lives.

I love that we have so many virtual resources to use these days. Pastor Lex was able to have a chat with our church in Thozin, even though he was in Massachusetts. He had a very exciting announcement to share with them. MOHI's 20 year anniversary celebration was canceled in March, but we are looking forward to celebrating (It'll now be 21 years!) July 15 - 18, 2021. He encouraged everyone to pick up where we left of with the planning and get ready to bless our community.

I would like to encourage you, as well. Many of you had planned to be a part of this celebration this past March. Mark your calendar and contact us to begin your preparations to join us in July! Let's work together to bless our neighbors and show how God loves and cares for other by our words and deeds.

Pastor Lex and I, along with our staff in Haiti are praying for you and wish you a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Thank you for your care and support over these past two decades. The best is yet to come!!!


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