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Small Acts Shine Bright

There was a season in my life years ago when I was eager to get to work in the morning and my husband liked to take care of things around the missionary compound before he would head up to the main campus. At that time, I would wake before the sun, shower, and get dressed. About that time the sun would be rising, I'd kiss him goodbye, and begin my walk to the office. Every now and then he would remind me that he didn't want me to leave until the sun was up. I wasn't really interested in walking alone in the dark by myself - especially where I had to cross the river. I appreciated that he was being protective but really didn't think much of it.

One morning, while Lex was away, I woke up and went about my regular routine. When I left the house I noticed it was still a little dark, but it was light enough that I thought the sun was about to rise from behind the mountains. (This was before we had cell phones, so I couldn't just look at the time.) I walked and walked and walked, but it never got any lighter. I was so confused and thought about turning back, but by this time I was more than halfway to the office so I continued. I came out of the tree covering and was able to see the "problem." It was the moon.

The moon was so bright, I thought the sun was rising. I marveled at just how much light the moon was reflecting onto the earth. This experience had a profound effect on my thinking. You and I are to be a reflection of Jesus. No matter how dark the surroundings we find ourselves in may appear, it only takes but a slight reflection of HIS light to see clearly. That morning, I wasn't stumbling around. I saw clearly. I didn't even trip once!

This sweet mother reminded me of that experience. Life can be so, so hard. The smallest kindness shown can seem as bright as the noonday sun to someone who is struggling and suffering. This patient was eager to share, "this is the clinic that helps us (she and her children). It is the one that knows the misery of the unfortunate women and men in the community of Grand-Goave. Thank you MOHI!!!"

Ti Pòl (Haitian Kreyol for "Little Paul") has been a part of MOHI for almost 22 years now! He was a part of those very first church gatherings in front of Pastor Bauvais' house. I remember so many times that we had "ugly" jobs that needed to be done and no one would offer - except for Ti Pòl. Ti Pòl was among the first people to be hired to work with us in Grand-Goave. Almost 22 years later, Ti Pòl still cheerfully takes care of all the different tasks that need doing. He reflects the nature of our Lord. I am grateful for the way Jesus impacts lives through him.

Growing up, I took attending school for granted. Everyone went. Some loved it. Some, not so much, but I don't remember ever feeling grateful for the opportunity to go to school. In Haiti, however, there are MANY grateful students and teachers who pray for you, thanking the Lord for your generosity and your acts of kindness! It may be but a little thing to you, but to those benefitting from going to school, it means the world.

These parents and their little ones love arriving at Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince each school day.

Learning public speaking in high school helps to build confidence and provides skills for them to articulate what's going on inside.

The students at our St. Etienne school know they are privileged to be receiving an education. They are experiencing the kindness of the Lord each day at school.

School is so much more than just sitting and listening. It is very interactive.

These are the types of moments that I remember from my own school days.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Pastor Bauvais. He is doing better, but hasn't yet returned to work. Nurse Wolfyne has been holding devotions with the patients while he recovers his strength.

Many acts of kindness happen throughout the day in the clinics!

Jesus' kindness is being experienced in the Ravine each time a baby receives a bite of food or vitamins. As a mother, I know that if you want to show kindness to me, just show it to my child.

Thank you to each and every one of you who is enabling so many acts of kindness to take place this week in Haiti. You are reflecting the goodness of our Savior in a dark world.


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