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Strong Endings

June 6, 2023

Happy Father's Day to all you dads! I hope it's been a meaningful day for you.

Our time in Ohio was filled with happy moments and a few tears as we reminisced with many of our friends at Mission USA. We were all there to say goodbye to Fred and Sandy, now retired, and the organization as a whole.

Mission USA impacted so many with disaster relief efforts in different States after tornados and hurricanes. They renovated homes, impacted children and youth in the Akron area with food from their hotdog truck, fun activities, gardening, and sharing the love of Jesus with each mom, dad, child, and family friend they encountered in the projects.

Of course, what we remember the most is the impact they made in Haiti and on our family. For years they would bring a team to Haiti annually (sometimes even more).

These folks SERVED!

I can't even tell you in one post all that they did to meet needs and come alongside MOHI and Haitian communities. They did construction and maintenance. They reached out to the disabled in our community with food and a special event. They taught a baking class that became a micro-business for the students. They worked in the medical clinic and saw the LORD perform a miracle through their hands. They donated vehicles, wells, our favorite flat-top grill, food, and so much more.

Their last trip to Haiti happened before the pandemic hit. They had shipped dental equipment to us that Dr. Jim Birong had located and followed up with a team to install everything. Dr. Jim started our dental clinic that week, caring for many patients, both young and old. Mission USA continued to financially support the dental clinic for years.

With Mission USA closing its doors, we have been praying and trusting the LORD would continue to provide for this clinic. We were blessed last weekend to hear from some of our friends in Ohio that they will begin to send support to us directly. We are so grateful.

Mission USA started a great work that has been an incredible blessing to our students and community as a whole.

Would you like to add your support to keep the dental clinic doors open? We are looking for monthly donors in order to meet the budget. Please click on the link below to become a monthly partner in the Dental Clinic Ministry. Thank you!


Terri Phna had her first visit to see the dentist last week. Her mom shared a video with me that I thought you would enjoy. In the beginning, you will see Dr. Mabou checking and cleaning her teeth. After that, Terri Phna gives a play-by-play of what the dentist did and tells everyone they should come to see the dentist, too!

Well, it seems her classmates took her recommendation to heart and they came for a checkup, too!

One of the "side benefits" to feeding babies daily is the mommy-baby bonding that is reinforced.

Our staff thoroughly enjoy preparing a variety of nutritious meals for these little ones...

...Even when it requires a walk to the garden.

In the midst of preparing for year-end exams, happy sounds can still be heard from the playground.

While most of the sounds at our main campus are happy ones, last weekend, there were quite a few tears as MOHI students, staff, and church members were joined by the entire community to say their final goodbyes to Pastor Bauvais.

Pastor Bauvais left a legacy of lives changed. His absence is felt, but his legacy cannot be snuffed out.


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