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Team Ted Talk

March 5, 2023

The days are very hot and long in Haiti. Life seems so fragile. Yet I wonder at what the Lord is up to in the lives of our students. I see hope ablaze in their gazes. These students are learning sewing and electrical on Saturdays. They want to be prepared to earn a living when they are done with school. Some will be able to put themselves through college with the skills they are learning today.

As I pray for our supporters, I can't hold back the gratitude that gushes forth. Look at what God is doing through each of us. Because of child sponsorship and general support, they are appreciating a great education, they are enjoying hot lunches and access to our medical and dental clinics.

The spiritual atmosphere on the campus is amazing. The students hear the Gospel each day at school. Many choose to follow Christ right there in the classroom and then enjoy Sunday morning church services.

We love helping babies and toddlers to prepare for a life of learning. The baby feeding program provides a boost of nutrition and parent classes to help them start out on the right foot.

Our good friend and fellow Haiti missionary, Taran, joined us for a few days in the Dominican Republic this past week. Wow! We had so much to share with him and we enjoyed lots of vision-building time together.

We visited La Grua and were thrilled to meet Baby Jennifer. Her mom pointed at me and said, "Isn't she the one who prayed for me?" Dr. Carmen prayed for her, I translated - but my heart was certainly in it, as well. Mom was "very" pregnant when she attended our mobile clinic. A few days later, Jennifer was born. Isn't she precious?!!!

The house staff was hard at work Saturday, preparing for the arrival of Team Ted Talk, from North-Central Massachusetts.

Madona also prepared refill medicines for patients from our last mobile clinics to distribute them while the team visits the villages this week.

It was a long day of travel that started from slow-moving traffic in a huge snowstorm in Massachusetts. We were so excited the plane was only slightly delayed and they arrived safely in Puerto Plata with all their bags.

There were a lot of bags! Marie raised funds to make the house very inviting for everyone who will be visiting and brought in some pretty items.

Ted, Jim, and Vic have their work cut out for them this week, as they do some maintenance tasks. Their priority for the week is to figure out the plumbing. So far, we have had a day and a half of MANY conversations...thus the title of this post. Would you pray for them to have wisdom, understanding, and unity?

Karen and I are the command base, and Andrea is the photo lizard - uh, I mean wizard.

This morning they visited a service at the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperòn.

They then visited the construction site for their new church building.

There was time to cool off after a full day.

As the sun sets, I find myself so content. Team Ted Talk is finally here and they are all I had hoped for and more. God is just so good.

I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us all this week. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Have a blessed week!


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