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Team Work

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Lex spent some time this past week meeting with pastors, repairing vehicles, installing much-needed screens in the house, and ensuring the garden is being well tended. You know, we never work alone.

Lex returned to Massachusetts just in time to participate in a fundraiser as Chair City Church prepares to send a team on a Hope Encounter with us next month. They put on a beautiful "Winter Wonderland" event for the community. While they certainly raised funds toward the roof in La Grua, I was awed by how even much more was accomplished.

The team had the chance to learn how to work together. The community had the opportunity to be at the church building and interact with those who regularly attend there. In other words, they got to taste the culture of that assembly. People thoroughly enjoyed being together, and families enjoyed some fun activities. Most importantly, we are closer to getting the roof put on the shelter in La Grua, Dominican Republic. We need about $18,000 more to make it happen. Please consider making a year-end donation to MOHI and write "La Grua" in the memo - Or click on the link below to donate online. Thank you.

This past week in Haiti was a fun time for our students. In addition to learning, eating, clinic visits, and such...

...the preschool and kindergarten classes enjoyed some Christmas and birthday celebrations.

The primary and secondary schools had a great "color day." This is a day when the students don't wear their uniforms to school, and they have all sorts of special activities, ranging from talent shows to class competitions, from soccer games to concerts. No one plays hooky on Color Day!

Please continue to hold our friends up in prayer. There have been some scary moments for them recently. Yet the LORD continues to bless them. He is their provision. Your prayers are so appreciated. Thank you!


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