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The Blessing

My prayer for you today, from Numbers 6:24-26. Amen!

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.


There are many tasks to be accomplished each day at MOHI. Some are pretty mundane: tracking employee clock-ins, taking attendance, picking up trash, mopping the floor... The highlight of each day, however, happens when the food is dished up. Whether it's in the classroom...

...In the "conference room"...

...Or in the neighborhood...

...feeding youngsters blesses us all!

Who spread the word that peanut butter is tastier than bread?!!! (The Haitian baby's version of an Oreo?)

Pastor Lex and I recently had the privilege of visiting with several long-time friends last weekend. Many of you know Travis Knipple from F1 Engineering. We worked with Travis in Haiti for many years. He did most of our solar installations. Two years ago he and his family were living in Jacmel. Travis was on his way to our Thozin campus when he was involved in a terrible car accident and was gravely injured. The police called Pastor Lex and he was able to help facilitate medical care for Travis. God performed miracle after miracle for Travis and made a way for him to get back to the US, where he underwent emergency surgery, followed by many, other surgeries. The last time Lex saw Travis, he wasn't recognizable. What a thrill to see him, his wife, his children, and his parents again! Travis looks like Travis once again.

From Pittsburgh, we headed to Akron, OH to see our friends at Mission USA. Fred & Sandy were away, but that didn't keep them from enjoying their hospitality, as their in-law apartment became our home for a few days. Tim and Tammy coordinated lots of visits. Pat hosted a Meet & Greet in her lovely yard on a beautifully sunny afternoon. Steve and Cindy made sure we got in a sunset cruise on the Portage Lakes. Clint and Suzanne invited us to share about the mission with our friends at the Chapel. We were thrilled to see our dental clinic team - Dr. Jim (we finally met his lovely wife, Ruth) and Howard! They are the ones responsible for equipping the dental clinic with chairs, suction, sterilization, and all the necessary hand tools so that we could start up the full-time dental clinic.

Do you remember how you felt at the end of each school year as a child? Most kids are thrilled for summer. Others, who experience difficulties at home, might be anxious about spending more time at home. Either way, this is THAT time of the year. Final exams are being taken and the last day of school is quickly approaching.

Whether a child wants to be in school or out, they are all excited about the different activities that will be taking place on campus over the summer. Prayer meetings. youth group activities, tutoring, music lessons, soccer matches, meals, and more are all popular during the summer months. Hula Hooping is ALWAYS popular!

Congratulations to MOHI's St Etienne school for bringing home the second place trophy in the scholastic championship game!

Haiti remains in crisis. Please pray for peace for this country and for its children, even as they sing out their patriotism.

Lord, let Your Word come alive in us and bring forth fruit in our lives!!!



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