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The Eternal Perspective

Today I've been thinking a lot about eternity, as I've seen a family member, an employee, and a supporter pass on into eternity this week. 1Corinthians 15:26 reads, "The last enemy to be eliminated is death." God considers death to be His enemy. It's no wonder we don't like it. And yet, the reality for those in Christ is that "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." The Apostle Paul struggled with wanting to go on to be with Jesus - not because he was depressed, but because he was fully convinced that for him it would be FAR better. So, as I grieve for those who departed this week, I realize it's really not for them. I grieve for my own sense of loss and for the loved ones who are hurting because of their physical absences here and now.

I'll give you a few updates and then I'll expand a bit more on the eternal perspective that I've been contemplating.


Lots of hard work is taking place at MOHI. The clinics have been busy. How precious it is to have Pastor Bauvais sharing God's word and prayer with our patients in the morning, before they see the doctor.

Pastor Edon preached in Thozin this morning...

I love the atmosphere at the MOHI school in Thozin. The students are happy to be back in school and are working hard in their classrooms.

Thank you for praying for our high school seniors and the situation they faced last week during their national exams. God has answered our prayers with a "YES" and "AMEN!" Our students will have the opportunity to take the 2 parts of the national exams that they missed due to a local incident at the school where the exams were being administered. And it will mean the students will not have to wait another year to graduate. Praise God for HIS kindness and grace extended toward these young people!!!

Speaking of kindness and grace...

I'm so blessed by the love of God that Jephte and Madona, along with many of you have been extending to baby Glory. Wow!!! I'm just overflowing with gratitude for the way the Lord is using so many to be his hands and feet in this situation. Thank you for your support. Glory has had a full week with her new family and seems to be doing very well. Thank you for your continued prayers for this family and for your generosity in helping to provide (diapers, formula, etc.) for Glory's care. She was unexpected by us, but God had already prepared the way for her!


There are certain Bible verses that just seem impossible to me to live out or even comprehend - well, from an earthly perspective, that is. When I put on a lens with the Eternal Perspective (the kingdom of God is here and now) however, everything changes. Here are a few examples that I sometimes struggle with - that is until I remember to put my "glasses" on.

Really? How could I possibly be seated in heavenly places when I'm obviously right here in this very earthly place?

Sure, it's easy enough to say (usually with a pointed finger and a very "judgy" attitude) "the Bible says don't judge!" And yet the very act of saying that, 99% of the time, is me judging you. Oops!

I am "complete" in Him? Uhhhh, have you taken a look at me lately? I have a long way to go here! I am no where NEAR complete. A complete MESS perhaps? Hmmmmm.

Now, this is Jesus talking with His (OUR) Father (aka praying). Although it's truly beyond my grasp, I do "get" that the Father and Jesus are one. I accept that as fact. The rest of this, however... that I could be one with Christ? I mean we're talking about God here! You know, the One who created the SUN and this planet that I live on - and the micro organisms that I can't even see - and the atom - and the Milky Way GALAXY - and, and, AND!!! Not only that, but that you and I could be one, also? I mean, seriously, we have differing political persuasions. We don't agree on how to best raise our children. We don't even LIKE each other sometimes. How could we possibly be ONE??? And one like Jesus and the Father are ONE?

Rejoice ALWAYS? What about when I'm mad or hurt. I mean, come on, I have emotions that want to rule me! Pray without ceasing? Who's going to get all my work done? We can't ALL be monks! In everything give thanks? Seriously? I've been through some really horrible situations. Why would God expect me to give thanks in EVERYTHING?

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "God understands. He doesn't really expect that of me." OR maybe you just skip over certain scriptures, because they don't seem to apply to you? And yet we know that, "Every scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the person dedicated to God may be capable and equipped for every good work." (2Tim. 3:16-17) Obviously scripture needs to be understood within context, but certainly not just dismissed, simply because we don't understand it at this moment. On the contrary, those scriptures that are hard to understand or live out require our special Holy Spirit "glasses" that let us see with an eternal perspective.

I truly AM a new creation in Christ Jesus. I'm depending on HIM to show me how to walk it out - every step of the way - every moment of every day. I am never alone. Are you with me? Let's choose to walk in the light that we have and trust the Lord to reveal more and more to us, that together we may say, "just as Jesus is, so are we in this world!"


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