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The Long Haul

This week will mark two months since a devastating earthquake struck southwestern Haiti. Thankfully many immediate needs were met and we were able to collaborate with several other organizations on behalf of the victims. Unfortunately, most of the larger organizations are gone. We have plenty to do in Grand-Goave, Leogane, and Port-au-Prince, but we simply cannot yet leave these victims with a clear conscience. MOHI's presence in Haiti has always been about the long haul - community development and preparing students to be a vital part of those communities.

Together we have provided so much relief. Can we continue to work together now to bring recovery? We are currently focusing on water infrastructure and housing.

Water cistern #2 is well on its way and should be completed this week. #3 has already begun. Funding for both of these arrived this week. Praise the Lord!!! Who will help us with water cistern #4? Would you be willing to speak with your local church or perhaps a business that you frequents? I'm happy to provide any additional information you may need. Send me a quick message at! Maybe you have some unique fundraising ideas that you'd like to share. Write to me!!! Thanks for your help.

Our first permanent house project has begun, using local labor in the Camp Perrin area where we have been focusing our efforts. I'll share more details with you soon.

I have lived for more than 21,000 days. Do I remember even one detail from each of those days? No, I don't. I do remember how I felt about certain occasions and certain people... the smell of burnt coffee as I sat in a high chair feeling ill - to this day I just can't stomach the beverage... the excitement I felt, waiting for the school bus to bring my brother home so we could play.

School teachers have the opportunity to not only teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but they also help to form the emotional state of the children they teach. In kindergarten,

I gained self-confidence when Mrs. Satriano insisted I join a special reading group. I hadn't already learned to read, as the other kids in the group had, but she was sure I would be able to learn very quickly. In middle school,

Jamie and I tried out for the Noah's Flood opera that the local university was putting on. Apparently, we really flopped, but Mrs. Duff went to bat for us. She insisted they let us audition again the next day. We were then chosen to be in it. How wonderful it felt to have someone believe in me!

At MOHI, God has blessed our students with teachers who care. They have the opportunity to reflect God's goodness, His grace, His love, and His forgiveness to a classroom of children each day. I pray the Lord would open the eyes of their understanding more and more to see the depth of impact they will have in following HIS call!

Marie Rose (the widowed mother of 13 children who visited our clinic several months ago) has 7 children that we put in school at the end of the last school year. I'm so contented to know that all seven are now fully sponsored for this school year! God is so good. Sometimes we try to guard our hearts against compassion, knowing that the need is too great for us to meet. Yet, when we open our hearts to care, we can invite the Lord in to meet those needs. He never disappoints!

Fridays are a special day of school at MOHI. It is a day full of fun activities - mostly outdoors.

The new play area in Thozin is a great hit with our preschoolers - AND with Pastor Lex!

Providing food is another critical aspect of caring for children at MOHI, from birth through high school graduation.

Robert had been suffering for about 2 weeks with a fever, but never sought medical care for fear of the cost. Someone told him about the MOHI clinic and he had someone carry him to the clinic. He returned the following day, walking alone.

He is still recovering, but obviously making progress. He expressed his gratitude to God for establishing this clinic.

Would you join us in praying for Robert, that he would be made whole? Thank you.

When my daughter Alexis was a baby everything was a big deal. The slightest little fuss and I was picking her up. When she was actually sick, the uncertainty was simply terrifying. When I see new moms bringing their little ones into the medical clinic, I remember how those moments felt. I'm so proud of our medical staff. They take time to listen to every concern these new moms have and they intervene for the sake of the child. What a tremendous resource this clinic is for our community!!! These little ones' moms brought them to the clinic presenting with high fevers. Treatment for the little ones - peace of mind for their moms. God is good!

Maintenance and repairs require a lot of time, energy, and money. We're so grateful for your support, which has helped us to obtain new batteries for one of our solar arrays, and for hard-working maintenance workers like Junior!

You are in my prayers. I constantly thank the Lord for you as you are so generous toward our brothers and sisters in Haiti. May HIS blessings be upon you! Have a wonderful week.


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