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The People We Live For

MOHI's soccer field has filled in with grass quite nicely. I do wonder if it'll last, as the field has been getting a real workout this week. Our high school is holding regular games between the various classes. School spirit is soaring right now!

Not everyone is playing soccer. Some people are giving the play by play over the loud speaker.

Marie Syliana has been coming to our medical clinic for a long time, but this week was her first visit to the dental clinic. She likes coming to the clinic, because she has confidence in the medications we give out in the pharmacy. She told us that everyone in her neighborhood talks about the MOHI clinic and how the medicine there is better than anywhere else. While I don't know if that's true, I am glad that our neighbors have a desire to come to the clinic when they aren't feeling well. I'm glad we are educating our community about their own bodies and how best to achieve or maintain their good health.

We are happy to have Dr. Cadet join our medical team, working 2 days a week with us.

Young and old alike continue pouring into the medical clinic. Bless Back Worldwide keeps us well supplied so we don't have to turn people away.

I so enjoy watching our preschoolers learn and grow. They work hard on penmanship - which in Haiti means learning cursive. The teachers are sure to help them wash their hands before they eat and there are lots of musical and physical activities going on to keep the students interest engaged.

The school kitchen staff has a big job keeping all these students fed each day. They're not only hard workers, but they're also moms who know just how difficult it is to keep your family fed. They have a heart for the students and put a lot of effort into making food that tastes good. In the picture below you see one worker who is grating coconut to extract the milk - a vital ingredient to our rice and beans dish. In the other picture, Madame Tenor is blending beans to make a bean sauce - a favorite which is served over white rice. Because we have electricity in the school, they are able to use an electric blender for the beans. When I'm cooking at home, I will use a blender for the coconut, as well. With all the coconuts that go into feeding about 1000 people each day in the school and clinics, the blender cannot keep up and will burn out if they use it in that way. Grating the coconut is among the least favorite of their tasks. It's tedious work and hard on the fingers.

Oh how I love these ladies! They are the married women's group at the church in Thozin. They sang this morning at our church service in Thozin.

It looks like Madame Sava's little girl is already getting the moves down so she can join them one day.

Sometimes you just need a table to write on...

As always, thank you so much for being a part of MOHI. We are praying for you! Would you pray for us, as well? Thank you!!!


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